25 Days Christmas Value Project


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I’m thrilled about these projects and I hope you are too. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet but it already feels like Christmas. I thought what fun it would be to work on a Christmas themed value project during December. Then this idea reminded me of scriptures chains. There are many people who create an advent with scriptures during the Christmas season. Everyone does it a little differently, but the basic idea is to find a new scripture each day about Christmas. You write the scripture on a slip of paper and create a paper chain with it. I thought why couldn’t this be a Personal Progress project? I combined the two ideas and came up with 8 Christmas themed value projects you can complete in 25 days to count down to Christmas.


Pond's Guide to Personal Progress 25 Days Christmas Value Project, value project idea

Here they are:

Download Here Pond's Guide to Personal Progress

How the Projects Work:

Each project takes 25 days to complete.  You start on December 1st and end December 25th.  Each day you will complete an activity, find a scripture about what you learned, share it with someone, and then add it to your scripture chain.  You can discuss the scripture with a parent or friend, or post it on your social media pages. Put the scripture chain somewhere you and your family can see.  (If you have younger siblings, or pets, who like to shred paper put it somewhere they cannot reach.)

In order to reach the ten hour requirement you need to work on it about 20-25 minutes a day.  This includes doing your activity, finding a scripture, sharing the scripture, and then making the chain.   Some days may take longer than others.  It might take you ten minutes to find a scripture the first day but only two minutes the next.  How ever you space your time, make sure you work on the entire project at least 20-25 minutes each day.

To Make the Paper Chain:

  1. Write the scripture down on a piece of paper (about 2×5″)
  2. Curl the papers so the ends meet together.
  3. Glue, tape, or staple it together, so you have a circle.
  4. To add the next chain, slip the paper through the previous chain and repeat steps 2-3.

The paper can be any colour you want.  You can have a red chain, then a blue chain, and then a yellow chain, or they could all be the colour of the value you are working in.  It does not matter, it is your project.

I will be working on Individual Worth and will post be progress on Facebook. What will you work on?


Personal Progress in Your Homeschool

So excited about this! Recently I wrote a blog post for this home education conference about how to use Personal Progress in your homeschool. A lot of what I said can also be applied to your school whether or not you are homeschooled. I love to teach everyone that Personal Progress can be part of your daily life. This includes things you do at church, school, with your friends and family. It was an amazing opportunity to write this post, and I am so grateful for Personal Progress.


Personal Progress is amazing!!! I loved it so much in Young Women, and I am still passionate about it. I worked on Personal Progress a lot during my time in Young Women, because I felt it is what I needed. I struggled with church, and Personal Progress is one of the things that kept me going. There were times in Young Women when girls told me I was only able to work on Personal Progress so much, “Because I was homeschooled. I wasn’t doing much any way, and I had more time than them.”

Our definition of “more time,” were a little different; but in a way I agree with them, and in a way, I do not. Yes, as a homeschooler I had “more time” because I could include Personal Progress and the gospel into everything I studied. For research projects I could use quotes from the General Authorities…

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New Facebook Page


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Hello everyone, I have exciting news! I’ve started a Facebook page for this blog!

If I already have an Instagram, why do I need a Facebook page? Well, there are some people on Facebook who are not on Instagram, so that means I can reach more people. On Instagram, I am not able to easily share links to amazing Personal Progress videos, articles, ideas, and resources. I can do that on Facebook.

Check it out!

New Facebook Page from Pond's Guide to Personal Progress



How I Completed One Value in One Month: Start to Finish


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While I have not been in Young Women’s for a few years, Personal Progress is something I still love and am passionate about. So naturally, I still work on it from time to time. This is not only beneficial to me, but it is also beneficial for the readers on this blog. It’s hard to blog about something you did several years ago and are not currently up to date with.

This year I have not finished many value experiences or projects. Only a couple here or there. However, this summer I’ve decided to push myself a little bit and finish one value in each month (I’m counting June, July, and August). So by the end of the summer that’s three completed values.

Some of you may be thinking this is a lot of work, and it is; but fear not, it is possible!

How I Completed One Value in One Month from Pond's Guide to Personal Progress

I’m a planner, so I love anything which involves planners, to-do lists, schedules, etc. I like to know what I’m doing and when I am doing. I know life is not always that perfect, but a girl can dream. Completing a value in a month requires a little time to sit down, and schedule what you are going to do.

I know you schedule is already packed, and mine is too, but you can use that to your advantage.

Know Your Schedule

At the beginning of June I sat down and to the best of my knowledge wrote down what I was going to be doing over the next month. Of course it isn’t perfect, because some activities come up which you don’t plan for. Others also fall through, and so you end up doing something different, or not doing it at all.

Here are some of the things I put on my list:

  • Give a talk in sacrament meeting
  • Volunteer work as a social media manager
  • Visit friends at the beach
  • Go to an amusement park
  • Attend a play
  • Play organ and lead music for sacrament meeting
  • Lead the ward choir in sacrament meeting
  • Painting Walls

Go Through the Subject Index

With my schedule, I looked up key words for each event using the Subject Index of my Personal Progress Booklet to see what values applied to my schedule. From there I found a few values which related to some of these activities.


My Schedule Key Word Related Value Experience
Sacrament Meeting Talk Teaching Faith #4, Knowledge #4, Good Works #4,
Social Media Work Leadership, Organizational Skills, Skills Choice & Accountability/ Good Works Project: Serve as a leader, DN/ IW/K project: Develop Organization skills and teach to someone else/ Learn a new skill K #2 Learn a new skill
Visit Friends ? ?
Amusement Park ? ?
Attend Play Drama K #3: Attend a play
Play Organ and Lead Music Music K #6: Memorize hymns and lead them
Lead Choir Leadership, Music K #6: Memorize hymns and lead them
Paint Walls Skills K #2 Learn a new skill, DN/IW/K learn a skill

As you can see, I did not find something for every part of my schedule. That’s ok, because I didn’t need to. This is just the schedule I had at the beginning of the month. Somethings came up later that I used as a value experience. I also completed an experience which had nothing to do with my schedule.

Looking at what I was already doing, was just a jumping off point for me. It also helped me incorporate my every day life into Personal Progress. I like doing this, because it teaches me to merge my schedule with the gospel. Everything we do in Personal Progress relates to the gospel in one way or another. Even if you are just learning a skill, there is a way to tie it back to your faith.

There are several more ways these activities could related to various value experiences and even more value projects. However, what I showed here was good enough to get me started.

Pull Out Experiences and Projects

Just looking at this chart, I decided I wanted to complete Knowledge for this month. I looked through the requirements of each Knowledge experiences, and put my scheduled items by the one it matched. It looked something like this.

  • Knowledge #1: Read scriptures, write in journal, discuss with someone
  • Knowledge #2: List my talents, list ones I would like, learn a new skill. Figure out what that skill is.
  • Knowledge #3: Memorise 13th Article of Faith, go to play, evaluate what I saw and heard, discuss with someone
  • Knowledge #4: Write and give sacrament meeting talk, write in journal
  • Knowledge #5: Learn about social media/marketing work, give interview, write in journal
  • Knowledge #6: Memorise the hymns I am conducting in sacrament meeting, and then conduct them.
  • Project: Research and learn skills need to be a good social manger, and then practice

As you can see here, most of these experiences were taken care of by things I was already doing. The only one I was not already doing was Knowledge #1 and #2. There was a little extra work, such as reading scriptures and writing in journals, but for the most part I have my schedule to thank. This is the perfect way to make Personal Progress part of your every day life. It is completely possible!

Another good thing about doing Personal Progress using this method, is you know you will actually complete the experiences and project. Since you are doing it any way you will finish it any way. The only thing you need to do is read any scriptures, write in your journal, memorise a couple things, and discuss with someone if needed.

For Knowledge #2, I also pulled a skill from my schedule. I already knew how to paint, so I didn’t use that. However, when we went to visit friends, one of them taught me how to make Mexican rice, Mexican lemonade, and a chicken dip for chips. That is totally a new skill! (And a very delicious one at that.) And it fits in line with the requirements for Knowledge #2, because it says “Learn a new skill or talent that will help you care for your own future family of home (for example, playing the piano, singing, budgeting, time management, cooking, sewing, or child care).

Does It Count If I’m Already Doing It?

This is the same method I used when I was in Young Women and completed Personal Progress once a year. It may sound too easy to count as doing Personal Progress, but it does count. Personal Progress does not have to be hard, and it does not have to be a separate part of your life.

I’ve had people tell me over the years this is “cheating.” You can tell them I told you, “Using you schedule to plan for Personal Progress is not cheating, it’s smart thinking and planning.” This is the perfect example of “Working smarter, not harder.”

This is not just me say this, I have back up on this topic. On page 8 of your Personal Progress Booklet it says,

“Personal Progress can be part of the good things you are doing at home, church, school, seminary, and in the community. Use the subject index in the back of this book to find specific topics you are interest in and to learn how they can be used as part of Personal Progress. Remember to give yourself credit for all the good things you do each day. ‘By small and simple things are great things brought to pass’ (Alma 37:6).”

Using this method is completely acceptable, as long as you plan ahead.

What is not acceptable is looking back a couple months from now and saying “Oh yeah, I totally did that. Check!”

That is not the point of Personal Progress. The purpose of Personal Progress is to grow and be the best version of you you can be. This doesn’t just happen at church, mutual, Girls’ Camp, or other church activities. It happens at those places and when you are at home, school, in the community, at a friends house, on vacation, and everywhere you go.

The Young Women motto is “stand for truth and righteousness.” This is expected every day and every place; just like the Young Women Theme says, “We will stand as witnesses of God at all times, and in all things, and in all places (Mosiah 18:9)”.

The beauty of Personal Progress is, it gives you pre-designed ways to do that. The value experiences and projects teach you to read your scriptures and pray every day. They teach you to listen to the Holy Ghost. They teach you how to study the gospel and apply it into your life. They teach you how to make your home a sacred, holy, and happy place. They teach you to look for service opportunities. They teach you to change your character for the better, and to become virtuous, charitable, loving, and full of integrity.

Your Turn!

I hope this post was helpful in giving you some ideas to include in your own life. Planning this way does take a little time, but it is worth it. Personal Progress can be hard and frustrating. I know there are some times when you feel like quitting all together because you don’t have time.

I want you to know, you do have time. Everything you do can become part of your Personal Progress life, and in turn Personal Progress becomes part of your life.

Personal Progress Ice Cream Party


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To the Leaders:

This is something we did when I first entered Young Women, and it was so much fun. We had a pizza party instead, but either way works.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Pick an allotted amount of time. Over the summer is great, but it can be at other times in the year as well. You want the time to be long enough so the girls can complete values, but you don’t want it to be so long that they forget or loose motivation. Three months is a good time (again this works great in summer).

How to Host a Personal Progress Ice Cream Party from Pond's Guide to Personal Progress

2. Decide the Rewards

Value Experiences: I have made up a sample for this, but you are of course free to use whatever you like. Each time the girl completes a value experience, they earn part of their ice cream. You can start by saying, “If you complete one value experience, you get a bowl.” And then you can add a spoon, napkin, and then ice cream; or you can just start with a scoop of ice cream and then go from there. The choice is yours, but the idea of this party is to help the girls complete several experiences.

Value Projects: These take more time, so it might be a good idea to tell the girls these are worth two or three toppings, or a special topping.

Finish a Value: For some girls this might mean they only needed to complete one value experiences, and others might have completed five. You decide what this is worth. Reward the girls for their hard work.

3. Have the Girls Write Their Goals

When you make the announcement that your Young Women group will do this activity, tell the girls the rewards, and have them set their own goals. Try to make it specific. If they want to complete five value experiences and a value project, have them write which value experiences they will complete, and what they will do for their value project.

If you like give them a list of value experiences they can complete in a day.

4. Reminders and Motivation

Remind the girls every week or so about the challenge. This could be with cute little print outs, or simply telling them. Motivate the girls!

5. Keep Track

Give the girls a way to keep track of what they are doing. You can give them a sheet of paper, or talk with them every know and then.

6. Do It with Them

Set your own goals and work along side with the Young Women. Share your experience and tell them what you are doing.

7. Party!

When the day comes party! Look at what each girl has done and give them their reward. And have fun!

ice cream party

Short ‘n Sweet Personal Progress Experiences


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Personal Progress experience can take a long time to finish, but not all of them do. Some of them are short ‘n sweet and can easily be completed in one day.  Put these ones in the back our your mind, write it down on a piece of paper, and when you have a lazy afternoon on your hands, complete one of them.

Short 'n Sweet Personal Progress: One Day Value Experiences from Pond's Guide to Personal Progres

Value Experiences You Can Complete in One Day:

Faith: 2
Divine Nature: 1
Individual Worth: 1, 2, 4, 6, 7
Knowledge 1, 5
Choice and Accountability: 3, 4, 5
Good Works: 3, 6
Integrity: 2, 3, 4, 6, 7
Virtue: 1, 2, 3, 4

Short 'n Sweet Personal Progress: One Day Value Experiences from Pond's Guide to Pesonal Progress

Here is the list in a PDF form

Download Here Pond's Guide to Personal Progress


Awesome Personal Progress Websites and Resources


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Personal Progress is amazing and fun, but some times it can feel a little over whelming. Thankfully there are lots of people who dedicate their time to writing Personal Progress Blogs and websites. Here is a list of awesome Personal Progress websites, blogs, and resources.

Awesome Personal Progress Resources

The Church Website

This is the first place I would look for any Personal Progress needs. There they have the Personal Progress requirements, booklet, information for leaders, and videos to inspire you.

The Personal Progress Helper

Here tag line is: Making Personal Progress fun in at all times, and in all things, and in all places. Boy does she do that. This girl is amazing! You should follower her right now. She has tones of worksheets, printable, and other items to help you through Personal Progress. She also has a workbook in her Etsy shop which includes worksheets for every Personal Progress experience and project.

Pond’s Guide to Personal Progress (that’s my blog)

I won’t say much more about this one, because it’s my blog, and if you’re reading this, then you already know it exists.

The Jolly Rogers’ Young Women Blog

This one is mostly written for Young Women leaders, but there are still somethings the girls might enjoy. Here you will find some articles about Personal Progress and how to incorporate it into your life. There are also mutual ideas and tips and advice for leaders.

Personal Progress by Ann

This one has not had any new posts for a couple years, but there is still some good content. It mainly has activity ideas for the different experiences, so leaders might enjoy this site more. There are also printable reminders.

Daily Personal Progress

This is another one which hasn’t had anything new for awhile, but still has some great stuff. Here you will find ways you can do Personal Progress a little bit every day.

127 Value Project Ideas from Connect with Dots

This is just one page I found on their site, but if you are looking for a value project idea, you’re sure to find something here.

Sugar Doodle

Sugar Doodle has lots of mutual activity and value project ideas. There are also a couple articles, games, and handouts.

Mormon Share

This one is the mother load of resources. There are tons of printables, handouts, worksheets, mutual ideas, and leadership help here.

Did I miss anything? What websites/blogs about Personal Progress do you love?

Summer Personal Progress


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Summer is approaching, which means you are going to have some free time on your hands. Personal Progress would be a great activity to do through out the summer. You may be thinking “I’m too busy. I’ll be on vacation.” However, if you can accomplish a lot this summer if you plan accordingly.

Summer Personal Progress from Pond's Guide to Personal Progres

Girls Camp

There is so much you can do with Personal Progress and Girls Camp. So much in fact, that I’ve written a blog post about it here.

Here are a couple ideas to get you started:

IW #5: Help plan and participate in a skit
K #7: is all about first aid at camp. This will be easy to complete.
C&A #1: Read your scriptures every day at camp
GW #2 Help with good at camp

For YCLs: Use this service opportunity as a value project or for your Honour Bee.

Youth Conference

Not everyone is old enough to go to Youth Conference, but for those who are, there is a lot you can do. Look at the theme and see which value experience or value it relates to. There might be more than one. Make a plan to complete those before or during youth conference.

Examples: When I was a youth we spent a whole youth conference focusing on family history. One day we learned how to work with FamilySearch. Another day we went to a cemetery and took pictures of graves and then uploaded them to a website.

That is two possible 10 hour projects here. Each of them may not take the full 10 hours while you are at youth conference, but if you do a bit of work before and after, you could easily have two 10 hour projects done.

For the first, continue learning how to use FamilySearch, and practice what you learn. One project done!

For the second, go out with your family and take more pictures of graves to upload to the website. You may not think that would take a lot of time, but I knew a boy who did that for his Eagle Scout Project. There is no reason why you couldn’t do the same for a value project.

Besides value projects, there are also value experiences which have to do with family history: IW #6, Make Your Own Value Experience: Find family names and take them to the temple (if you spend 10 hours then it’s a project).

Personal Progress Party

Invite your friends or Young Women class and host a Personal Progress Party. Send out invitations and ask everyone to bring a snack to share. Pick a couple value experiences you can complete in one day, and do them together. Have fun! You could even make it a slumber party and sleep under the stars.

Complete a Value/Honour Bee

Make it your goal to complete at least one value, or your Honour Bee, this summer. Pick a value you are almost done with or haven’t even finished. Make a schedule and finish it by the end of summer.

Read the Book of Mormon

If you read 2-3 chapters of the Book of Mormon for 90 days, you will finish it. Here is a schedule you can follow.

Download Here Pond's Guide to Personal Progress

Family Vacation

Incorporate what you are doing with your family into Personal Progress. If you are going on a long car ride or plan flight, work on a value experience.

  • DN #3 asks you to strengthen a relationship with a family. On your trip try being extra kind to them.
  • IW #3 asks you to build others up. During your trip tell your family members the good things they are doing.
  • K #3 asks you to memorise the 13th article of faith and go somewhere and evaluate what you heard or saw. Use this if you go to a museum, concert, exhibit, historical site, or other similar place

Have a Great Summer!

Whatever you do for summer, have a blast! Personal Progress is amazing and will make your summer even better!

Personal Progress and Youth Conference


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Not everyone is old enough to go to Youth Conference, but for those who are, there is a lot you can do to pass off some Personal Progress Experiences and Projects. Look at the theme and see which value experience or value it relates to. There might be more than one. Make a plan to complete those before or during youth conference.

Personal Progress and Youth Conference


When I was a youth we spent a whole youth conference focusing on family history. One day we learned how to work with FamilySearch. Another day we went to a cemetery and took pictures of graves and then uploaded them to a website.

That is two possible 10 hour projects here. Each of them may not take the full 10 hours while you are at youth conference, but if you do a bit of work before and after, you could easily have two 10 hour projects done.

For the first, continue learning how to use FamilySearch, and practice what you learn. One project done!

For the second, go out with your family and take more pictures of graves to upload to the website. You may not think that would take a lot of time, but I knew a boy who did that for his Eagle Scout Project. There is no reason why you couldn’t do the same for a value project.

Besides value projects, there are also value experiences which have to do with family history: IW #6, Make Your Own Value Experience: Find family names and take them to the temple (if you spend 10 hours then it’s a project).

Make It Your Own

Are you traveling to a church historical site? Make it a project by learning about those places before you go, and write about your experience when you get back.

Think of the theme for your Youth Conference. What value does it relate to? How can you turn what you are doing into a project or two?

The easiest way to make a project out of youth conference:

Faith: Attend and write about how it strengthened your testimony of Christ

Knowledge:  Learn a new skill you will need for Youth Conference, or continue developing one they taught you.

Knowledge: Research a gospel topic which relates to the theme

Good Works: Most Youth Conferences (or at least the ones in my area) try to give the youth a service opportunity. That usually (again in my area) takes 3+ hours. If it takes all ten hours, you have a project. If it takes less than that, continue to look for opportunities to serve others while at Youth Conference. If you still need more hours, continue serving when you get home.

Value Experiences

Think of things you will do at Youth Conference (ask your leaders if you don’t know), and look through the topic index in the back of you Personal Progress Booklet (pg. 98-99).

Ones which will work for most Youth Conferences:

Faith #1: Prepare for by learning about faith and praying regularly.

Divine Nature #7: Strive to be a peacemaker at Youth Conference.

Individual Worth #3: Do all you can to build those around you

Knowledge #6: Study the theme and write a talk for it. Give the talk to your family, young women group, or to someone else.

Choice and Accountability #4: Prepare for Youth Conference by reading and praying regularly.

Good Works #6: Give 3+ hours of service.

Integrity #2: Practice your behaviour at Youth Conference.

Virtue #1, 2, 3 or 4: Complete one of these if you have some quite time to yourself.

You can always make your own Value Experiences. Find which value the theme relates to, study it, and write your thoughts about it. Find others way here.


Not every stake does this, but this is another great opportunity to pass off value experiences and projects.


Faith: Go on Trek and write how it strengthened your testimony

Divine Nature: Before Trek read about a pioneer or a pioneer ancestor. What divine qualities did they develop as the crossed the plains? Write those qualities down and strive to develop them on Trek.

Individual Worth: Learn about your own pioneer ancestors. If you do not have any who crossed the plains, learn about those who were the first to join the church. They are pioneers too. Write their story down and think about them while you are on Trek. If you are the first to join the church in your family, write your own story down, and think about how it is similar to the pioneers in the early days of the church.

Knowledge: Learn to sew clothing for Trek.

Choice and Accountability: Prepare yourself spiritually and physically for Trek. Create a walking/exercise plan so you are comfortable with the distance you will walk at Trek. Start drinking lots of water and create healthy meal plans. Put Trek supplies into your budget. Pray daily for help. Read some stories about early pioneers or those who were first to join the church in their family/area.

Integrity: Learn and write about the integrity of the early pioneers, or others who were first to join the church in their family/area. Write about your own experience on Trek.

Integrity: One challenge you may face at Trek is living as a “family” with a group of people you may or may not know. Before Trek, make a plan which will help you include, love, and work with all members of your Trek family. Practice these at home, and then do your best at Trek to build a loving support for each Trek family member.

Virtue: The Book of Mormon was important to the early pioneers, or anyone who is just joining the church. Make a plan to read it before Trek, or work on this project by reading part of it at Trek. Write how the Book of Mormon helped you with your trials on Trek.

Value Experiences

Faith #1: Prepare for Trek by learning about faith and praying regularly

Divine Nature #2: Make your home life better at home and with your Trek family

Individual Worth #3: Do all you can to build those around you

Knowledge #2: Learn a new skill you will need for Trek

Choice and Accountability #4: Prepare for Trek by reading and praying regularly

Good Works #3: Lift others burdens while you are on Trek

Integrity #5: Practice the behaviour you chose on Trek

Virtue #1, 2, 3, or 4: Complete one of these if you have quite scripture reading time

How to Host a Personal Progress Party


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Personal Progress is fun, so why not turn it into a party? This would be a great mutual idea, but you don’t have to wait for that. You can decide to host your own Personal Progress party any day.

Another idea: get together with your leaders and friends and plan this party for incoming Beehives or your class. Then mark it off as a 10 hour project?

Whichever way you choose, make sure to have fun! Here are some ideas to get you started:


Send Out Invitations

What’s a party without invitations? Make invitations and invite your friends or Young Women class. Ask them to bring a snack to share.

You could even make this party a slumber party. If your parents allow, include that information on your invitation.

Decide What to Do

There are many different ways you can have a Personal Progress party. You can complete a couple experiences, you can start a project together, or you can talk about a value and just party.

Pick a Couple Experiences

Everyone is at a different point in Personal Progress, so there is a change someone may already have finished the ones you pick. That’s ok. This means they can help everyone else and give advice. It doesn’t hurt to complete an experience more than once.

How many value experiences you complete depends on how long your party is and your personal preference. If it is a slumber party, there is more time and you can complete more. If your party is only a couple hours I would pick 2-3 value experiences.

There are lots of value experiences which only take one day to complete. Pick some of those, or pick ones to start at the party, and finish at a later date.

Value Theme

Another idea is to pick a value and have that as the theme for your party. You could even decorate using the value color. If you’re really ambitious, complete a bit of each value experience in the value. You could also use this as a way to talk about the value and then complete one or two experiences.

Value Projects

Get together and complete a project together (you may have to do this in stages, unless your parents are alright with a 10 hour party). Before your guests arrive you can ask them to put a few hours or work into the project. At the party you can do a few more together, and when they go home, they can finish the project on their own.

Personal Progress Plan

You can also use this party to schedule and plan Personal Progress for the rest of the year or summer. Provide everyone with paper or calendars and have them write down when they will complete what. Be there to support and encourage each other.

Decorate and Set Up

After you decide what you will do, prepare for the party. If you like, find worksheets for the experiences you will be completing.

Decorate! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Lay out a table cloth, blow up a couple balloons, put a welcome sign on the front door. If you chose value for your theme, decorate in the value colour.


Once the big day arrives, welcome your guests, enjoy some snacks together, and complete some Personal Progress together. Have fun! Do not worry too much if you don’t complete everything you wanted to do, or if it did not go as planned. The important part is you were together with friends and you were encouraging and helping each other with Personal Progress.

Have you hosted a Personal Progress party before? Share your experience in the comments.