Meet Pond

Hello, howdy, and welcome!!!!!

Meet PondI’m Pond and I’m so glad you found this part of the internet.

I’m a Personal Progress lover,  coach, and cheerleader. I teach girls all around the world that Personal Progress is meant to be part of their every day life. This includes everything they do in school, church, personal life, and family.

I love to show Young Women and their leaders how they can put the “Personal” in Personal Progress, and the “Progress” in Personal Progress. This inspired program is amazing, because while every girl completes the same requirements, there are still so many ways the can adapt it to their own life and make it meaningful to them. And they can do this all while building a testimony of Jesus Christ, His gospel, and the temple.

So let’s work together!

Learn how to add the Personal in Personal Progress
Learn how to add the Progress in Personal Progress
Learn how to add Personal Progress into your Every Day Life

My Story

I started my Personal Progress journey when I entered Young Women as a Beehive. I loved it so much, because I struggled with church. I knew it was something which would keep me close to the Saviour and fortify my testimony. What really started me off was a Young Women activity where we earned pizza and pizza toppings by completing Personal Progress. Through this, I learned Personal Progress is not as hard as I thought, and can be part of the things I do in my day to day life. After the activity, I continued to work on it a pray for guidance.

Through prayerful decision, I decided to complete Personal Progress once a year. This was before they added Virtue. I was half way finished, when Virtue became a value. A little discouraged, I did not think I could meet my goal. I prayed about it, and received the same answer. So with faith, I carried on, and did finish Personal Progress in a year. I continued to pray about the decision, and knew it was right for me. So year after year, I completed Personal Progress and the newly added Honor Bee.

I’ve been out of Young Women for a few years now. I completed Personal Progress and Honor Bee six times each while in Young Women. Since then I have completed each a couple times. I have also started this blog to inspire and motivate Young Women, their leaders, and their parents.

Personal Progress blessed my life, and I know it can bless your life too.




1 thought on “Meet Pond”

  1. I appreciate you sharing your ideas for Personal Progress! I’m hoping to light a fire under my Young Women and get them going. Thank you so much!


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