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To the Leaders:

This is something we did when I first entered Young Women, and it was so much fun. We had a pizza party instead, but either way works.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Pick an allotted amount of time. Over the summer is great, but it can be at other times in the year as well. You want the time to be long enough so the girls can complete values, but you don’t want it to be so long that they forget or loose motivation. Three months is a good time (again this works great in summer).

How to Host a Personal Progress Ice Cream Party from Pond's Guide to Personal Progress

2. Decide the Rewards

Value Experiences: I have made up a sample for this, but you are of course free to use whatever you like. Each time the girl completes a value experience, they earn part of their ice cream. You can start by saying, “If you complete one value experience, you get a bowl.” And then you can add a spoon, napkin, and then ice cream; or you can just start with a scoop of ice cream and then go from there. The choice is yours, but the idea of this party is to help the girls complete several experiences.

Value Projects: These take more time, so it might be a good idea to tell the girls these are worth two or three toppings, or a special topping.

Finish a Value: For some girls this might mean they only needed to complete one value experiences, and others might have completed five. You decide what this is worth. Reward the girls for their hard work.

3. Have the Girls Write Their Goals

When you make the announcement that your Young Women group will do this activity, tell the girls the rewards, and have them set their own goals. Try to make it specific. If they want to complete five value experiences and a value project, have them write which value experiences they will complete, and what they will do for their value project.

If you like give them a list of value experiences they can complete in a day.

4. Reminders and Motivation

Remind the girls every week or so about the challenge. This could be with cute little print outs, or simply telling them. Motivate the girls!

5. Keep Track

Give the girls a way to keep track of what they are doing. You can give them a sheet of paper, or talk with them every know and then.

6. Do It with Them

Set your own goals and work along side with the Young Women. Share your experience and tell them what you are doing.

7. Party!

When the day comes party! Look at what each girl has done and give them their reward. And have fun!

ice cream party