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Summer is approaching, which means you are going to have some free time on your hands. Personal Progress would be a great activity to do through out the summer. You may be thinking “I’m too busy. I’ll be on vacation.” However, if you can accomplish a lot this summer if you plan accordingly.

Summer Personal Progress from Pond's Guide to Personal Progres

Girls Camp

There is so much you can do with Personal Progress and Girls Camp. So much in fact, that I’ve written a blog post about it here.

Here are a couple ideas to get you started:

IW #5: Help plan and participate in a skit
K #7: is all about first aid at camp. This will be easy to complete.
C&A #1: Read your scriptures every day at camp
GW #2 Help with good at camp

For YCLs: Use this service opportunity as a value project or for your Honour Bee.

Youth Conference

Not everyone is old enough to go to Youth Conference, but for those who are, there is a lot you can do. Look at the theme and see which value experience or value it relates to. There might be more than one. Make a plan to complete those before or during youth conference.

Examples: When I was a youth we spent a whole youth conference focusing on family history. One day we learned how to work with FamilySearch. Another day we went to a cemetery and took pictures of graves and then uploaded them to a website.

That is two possible 10 hour projects here. Each of them may not take the full 10 hours while you are at youth conference, but if you do a bit of work before and after, you could easily have two 10 hour projects done.

For the first, continue learning how to use FamilySearch, and practice what you learn. One project done!

For the second, go out with your family and take more pictures of graves to upload to the website. You may not think that would take a lot of time, but I knew a boy who did that for his Eagle Scout Project. There is no reason why you couldn’t do the same for a value project.

Besides value projects, there are also value experiences which have to do with family history: IW #6, Make Your Own Value Experience: Find family names and take them to the temple (if you spend 10 hours then it’s a project).

Personal Progress Party

Invite your friends or Young Women class and host a Personal Progress Party. Send out invitations and ask everyone to bring a snack to share. Pick a couple value experiences you can complete in one day, and do them together. Have fun! You could even make it a slumber party and sleep under the stars.

Complete a Value/Honour Bee

Make it your goal to complete at least one value, or your Honour Bee, this summer. Pick a value you are almost done with or haven’t even finished. Make a schedule and finish it by the end of summer.

Read the Book of Mormon

If you read 2-3 chapters of the Book of Mormon for 90 days, you will finish it. Here is a schedule you can follow.

Download Here Pond's Guide to Personal Progress

Family Vacation

Incorporate what you are doing with your family into Personal Progress. If you are going on a long car ride or plan flight, work on a value experience.

  • DN #3 asks you to strengthen a relationship with a family. On your trip try being extra kind to them.
  • IW #3 asks you to build others up. During your trip tell your family members the good things they are doing.
  • K #3 asks you to memorise the 13th article of faith and go somewhere and evaluate what you heard or saw. Use this if you go to a museum, concert, exhibit, historical site, or other similar place

Have a Great Summer!

Whatever you do for summer, have a blast! Personal Progress is amazing and will make your summer even better!