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Not everyone is old enough to go to Youth Conference, but for those who are, there is a lot you can do to pass off some Personal Progress Experiences and Projects. Look at the theme and see which value experience or value it relates to. There might be more than one. Make a plan to complete those before or during youth conference.

Personal Progress and Youth Conference


When I was a youth we spent a whole youth conference focusing on family history. One day we learned how to work with FamilySearch. Another day we went to a cemetery and took pictures of graves and then uploaded them to a website.

That is two possible 10 hour projects here. Each of them may not take the full 10 hours while you are at youth conference, but if you do a bit of work before and after, you could easily have two 10 hour projects done.

For the first, continue learning how to use FamilySearch, and practice what you learn. One project done!

For the second, go out with your family and take more pictures of graves to upload to the website. You may not think that would take a lot of time, but I knew a boy who did that for his Eagle Scout Project. There is no reason why you couldn’t do the same for a value project.

Besides value projects, there are also value experiences which have to do with family history: IW #6, Make Your Own Value Experience: Find family names and take them to the temple (if you spend 10 hours then it’s a project).

Make It Your Own

Are you traveling to a church historical site? Make it a project by learning about those places before you go, and write about your experience when you get back.

Think of the theme for your Youth Conference. What value does it relate to? How can you turn what you are doing into a project or two?

The easiest way to make a project out of youth conference:

Faith: Attend and write about how it strengthened your testimony of Christ

Knowledge:Ā  Learn a new skill you will need for Youth Conference, or continue developing one they taught you.

Knowledge: Research a gospel topic which relates to the theme

Good Works: Most Youth Conferences (or at least the ones in my area) try to give the youth a service opportunity. That usually (again in my area) takes 3+ hours. If it takes all ten hours, you have a project. If it takes less than that, continue to look for opportunities to serve others while at Youth Conference. If you still need more hours, continue serving when you get home.

Value Experiences

Think of things you will do at Youth Conference (ask your leaders if you don’t know), and look through the topic index in the back of you Personal Progress Booklet (pg. 98-99).

Ones which will work for most Youth Conferences:

Faith #1: Prepare for by learning about faith and praying regularly.

Divine Nature #7: Strive to be a peacemaker at Youth Conference.

Individual Worth #3: Do all you can to build those around you

Knowledge #6: Study the theme and write a talk for it. Give the talk to your family, young women group, or to someone else.

Choice and Accountability #4: Prepare for Youth Conference by reading and praying regularly.

Good Works #6: Give 3+ hours of service.

Integrity #2: Practice your behaviour at Youth Conference.

Virtue #1, 2, 3 or 4: Complete one of these if you have some quite time to yourself.

You can always make your own Value Experiences. Find which value the theme relates to, study it, and write your thoughts about it. Find others way here.


Not every stake does this, but this is another great opportunity to pass off value experiences and projects.


Faith: Go on Trek and write how it strengthened your testimony

Divine Nature: Before Trek read about a pioneer or a pioneer ancestor. What divine qualities did they develop as the crossed the plains? Write those qualities down and strive to develop them on Trek.

Individual Worth: Learn about your own pioneer ancestors. If you do not have any who crossed the plains, learn about those who were the first to join the church. They are pioneers too. Write their story down and think about them while you are on Trek. If you are the first to join the church in your family, write your own story down, and think about how it is similar to the pioneers in the early days of the church.

Knowledge: Learn to sew clothing for Trek.

Choice and Accountability: Prepare yourself spiritually and physically for Trek. Create a walking/exercise plan so you are comfortable with the distance you will walk at Trek. Start drinking lots of water and create healthy meal plans. Put Trek supplies into your budget. Pray daily for help. Read some stories about early pioneers or those who were first to join the church in their family/area.

Integrity: Learn and write about the integrity of the early pioneers, or others who were first to join the church in their family/area. Write about your own experience on Trek.

Integrity: One challenge you may face at Trek is living as a “family” with a group of people you may or may not know. Before Trek, make a plan which will help you include, love, and work with all members of your Trek family. Practice these at home, and then do your best at Trek to build a loving support for each Trek family member.

Virtue: The Book of Mormon was important to the early pioneers, or anyone who is just joining the church. Make a plan to read it before Trek, or work on this project by reading part of it at Trek. Write how the Book of Mormon helped you with your trials on Trek.

Value Experiences

Faith #1: Prepare for Trek by learning about faith and praying regularly

Divine Nature #2: Make your home life better at home and with your Trek family

Individual Worth #3: Do all you can to build those around you

Knowledge #2: Learn a new skill you will need for Trek

Choice and Accountability #4: Prepare for Trek by reading and praying regularly

Good Works #3: Lift others burdens while you are on Trek

Integrity #5: Practice the behaviour you chose on Trek

Virtue #1, 2, 3, or 4: Complete one of these if you have quite scripture reading time