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In Choice and Accountability you will learn about many things, but most importantly you will learn about choices and the consequences of them, whether good or bad.

  • Value 1 how scriptures help you make good decisions
  • Value 2 what the standards are, why it is important to keep them
  • Value 3 you learn about agency and the responsibilities that come with it
  • Value 4 You learn about repentance and how to apply it
  • Value 5 You learn about the Holy Ghost and how he can help you make correct decisions
  • Value 6 you make a plan on how to stay worthy for the temple
  • Value 7 you practice making choices by keeping a budget


This morning you got out of bed. You made a choice. You probably ate breakfast. What you are is what you chose. Even if you skipped breakfast that is still a choice.

We make so many choices in a day, a minute even, that we sometimes don’t realize they are choices.

When I was younger I never realized procrastination was a choice. How can not doing something be a choice? That’s all procrastination is: doing nothing. Then I learned when I procrastinate I put off my responsibilities. I know there is something I am suppose to do, but I don’t. I choose to leave my duties.

The choices you make matter, they all have some kind of impacted. Some choices don’t matter as much as other. If you wear a black shirt instead of a pink shirt it probably won’t change your life that much. However choosing to keep the commandments does matter a lot.

In the premortal existence we had two choices: we could follow Heavenly Father’s plan (which supported agency) or we could follow Satan’s plan (which was against agency). You chose to follow Heavenly Father’s plan and so came to earth. That agency, the ability to choose is a gift from Heavenly Father. It allows us to learn and grow. When we make the wrong choice it is not the end, we can repent and make up for what we did.

What You Will Learn

In Choice and Accountability you will learn to develop the gift of agency Heavenly Father gave. Each of the value experiences and the projects are designed to practice making righteous and wise decisions.

Not only will you continue to learn to “choose the right,” you will also learn how to make the best decisions for your life. There are commandments God has asked everyone to follow (10 commandments and Word of Wisdom are a couple examples), but there are also different things He asks each person to do. This includes any personal revelation you receive (this can be found from promptings from the Holy Ghost, in your patriarchal blessing, or other places).

What God asks and expects me to do with my life may be different from what you asks and expects you to do with your life. Choice and Accountability will help you recognise this personal revelation from the Lord and act upon it through faith.