General Conference is just around the corner and it is a wonderful opportunity to pass of a value project. Here are 6 ideas you can use:

Faith General COnference Value Project Ideas

1.Watch all four sessions and attend the Woman Broad Cast. How has listening to the words of prophets strengthened your faith in Jesus Christ?

2. Take note of when anyone mentions faith (Ways we can incorporate the value in our lives, a scripture or quote them reference, or your own impressions about it.) Then gather your notes and write how you can improve your faith.

3. Study the life of one of the General Authorities (or more than one). Write about how they showed faith during their life and especially while in their callings? Make a list of examples you learned from them which will help you improve your faith. Then strive to follow those examples.

4. After you listen to all the conference talks make a book of quotations about Faith.

5. Write down a list of questions or concerns about the gospel.  As you listen to speakers keep an open ear and heart about your questions. Write down answers you find and impressions you have. Write about how your faith has increased.

6.  Before Conference read about faith from previous conference addresses. Learn why this principle is critical to your happiness and temple preparation. As you listen to Conference create an object (such as a picture, a book of quotations, or a hand-stitched item) that will remind you each day to be more faithful.

Let me know what you think about these projects. What other ideas do you have for a Faith General Conference project?