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General Conference is just around the corner and it is a wonderful opportunity to pass of a value project for Integrity. Here are 4 ideas you can use:

Integrity General Conference Value Project Ideas

  1. (Adapted suggestion from the Personal Progress Booklet): Before Conference, “in talks given by General Authorities, research the topics of integrity and honesty. Learn why these principles are critical to your happiness and temple preparation. (As you listen to Conference) Create an object (such as a picture, a book of quotations, or a hand-stitched item) that will remind you each day of the commitment to be honest and true at all times and known for your personal integrity.”
  2. Make a quote book about Integrity from the given conference addresses.
  3. For each talk write a list of things they ask you to do and then do those things on the list. Commit yourself to continue to do those things.
  4. During conference list ways you can help strength your family and other families. Then do those things.