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General Conference is just around the corner and it is a wonderful opportunity to pass of a value project for Individual Worth. Here are 5  ideas you can use:


  1. You are a daughter of God and Heavenly Father loves you. Listen for the ways He has shown His love to others.  Each time you add a new item to your list, list the ways He has shown His love to you.
  2. Watch all four sessions and attend the Woman Broad Cast. What have you learned about Individual Worth?
  3. After you listen to all the conference talks make a book of quotations about Individual Worth.
  4. Write down a list of questions or concerns about the gospel.  As you listen to speakers keep an open ear and heart about your questions. Write down answers you find and impressions you have. Write about how the Lord knows your needs and loves you.
  5. During conference make a list of ways you can show your family/friends/others how much you love and care for them. Then do those things.