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General Conference is just around the corner and it is a wonderful opportunity to pass of a value project for Good Works. Here are 5 ideas you can use:

Good Works General Conference Value Project Ideas

  1. After you listen to all the conference talks make a book of quotations.  They could all be from the same person, about the same topic, or pick a value to go with it. (You can also make two and give one to someone.)
  2. Watch all the sessions of conference and then use one of the talks to create a FHE lessons. Then give that lessons in your next FHE.
  3. (Adapted from a value project suggestion in the Personal Progress Booklet) Before Conference, in talks given by General Authorities, research the topics of good works and service (especially look for examples from Christ).  Learn why these principles are critical to your happiness and temple preparation. As you listen to Conference  create an object (such as a picture, a book of quotations, or a hand-stitched item) that will remind you each day to serve others.
  4. During conference list they ways you can prepare for a mission (be a better member missionary). Then do those things.
  5. During conference list for stories of service, and list the ways you can serve others more. Then do those things.