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In Faith #3 you will deepen your understanding of a gospel principle, relate it to faith, and then teach what you learn in Family Home Evening.
some ideas to help your  in personal progress faith #3

There are 5 steps:

  1. Read about faith in one of the suggested places.
  2. Choose a principle and think about how faith relates to it.
  3. Plan a lesson around that.
  4. Give the lesson and remember to share an experience 
  5. Write in your journal

This experience could be done in a day, but you may not learn as much or feel as prepared to give a lesson in that amount of times. You don’t have to take all week, but do take a couple days to really think about the principle you choose and how it relates to faith.
Questions to think about
How does faith help me pay tithing/keep the sabbath day holy/repent?

Would I be able to do those if I did not have faith?

How does faith in my Lord Jesus Christ help me take action?

How does this experience relate to the idea that “faith without works is dead?” James 2:20 (You might want to look up this scripture and use it in your lesson.)
Lesson Ideas

Find quotes from General Conference and scriptures which talk about faith or the principle. Ask different family members to read these throughout your lesson.

Share a personal experience about how faith helped you live the principle you are talking about.
Start a discussion. For some people who don’t want to do lots and lots of talking for their lesson, this is a great strategy. Ask one of the questions listed above or make your own and discuss it with your family.
Find a story in one of the church magazines or from General Conference which talks about how someone’s faith led to action.
Find a few scripture stories about people’s faith leading them to action. Divide your family into different groups, have them read their assigned scriptures and discuss with themselves, then ask each group to share with the rest of the family what they learned. (This is another gear thing to do if you don’t want to do all the talking.)
Find a video from the church website (they have lots of great stuff) which talks about your lesson theme, and share it with your family. (Videos can be a very powerful teaching tool.)
Towards the end of your lesson give everyone a piece of paper and writing instrument and ask them to write down two or three things to improve their faith so it can lead to action (if you have younger siblings have someone help them or tell them to draw a picture). You can also do the same thing for your family as a group. Then ask each family members to share their ideas with everyone else. Then discuss how you can all help and support each other with these goals.
Close by giving your testimony and thank everyone for participating.
Alternative Idea

If you are unable to reach a Family Home Evening lesson at home, you can ask your leaders if you can do as part of a YW lesson or during mutual.

Journal Time!
The experience asks you to write an experience and how you feel about faith (there are more details in your booklet).
Here are some more ideas:
Write down what you learned about faith and the principle you chose. How did it strengthen your testimony?
This is also a good time to write down what worked in your lesson and what you can do next time to improve it. Was it too long or too short? Were you able to get a discussion going?
Final Thoughts

Have fun with your lesson. Remember, it’s not as scary as it sounds. The people you are teaching love you and are there to support you. If you need help or have questions, ask them, they would love to help you.
If you have any other teaching suggestions or would like share what you did in your lesson please comment below. 
Good luck!