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In Faith #1 you will learn about faith and how to apply it into your daily prayers. This experience takes a little more than three weeks to complete. 
Some ideas and thoughts to help you in personal progress with Faith #1
There are 4 steps:

  1. Read the required scriptures and conference talks 
  2. Pray at least twice daily (it says morning and evening prayers) for three weeks
  3. Discuss with leader what you learned 
  4. Write your thoughts in your journal

This exercise teaches you how to build a habit of prayer. The idea is not just to pray twice a day so you can complete the experience. Prayer should be something you do every day regardless and this will help you get in that habit. Remember, Personal Progress is all about teaching you how to set and achieve goals.
Prayer Chart
Three weeks is a long time and I know when I completed this experience as a YW I sometimes forgot how long I had been doing the experience.

Something which may help with this is a prayer chart. Make a 3 square by 7 square grid (21 altogether=3 weeks) and put the days of the week at the top of each square. Then put two checkmark at the end of each day, one for morning prayer, and one for the evening.

Prayer Rock
If you have a hard time remembering to say your prayers make a prayer rock. Find any old rock and paint or decorate it (or not). At night put the rock on the floor beside your bed. Then when you get up in the morning your foot will touch it and you will remember to say your prayers (at least that is the idea). When you finish your morning prayer put the rock on your bed so you remember to say your prayers before you go to bed. This is not something which really works for me, but it does work for others so why not give it a try?

Set a Time
For some people it is really helpful if you have a set time that they say their prayers. I like to say mine right when I wake up. Others may choose to do it after they get dressed. Whenever it is, if you have a routine time you are more likely to remember to say your prayers.
Make Prayers Meaningful:

While it does not say this in the experience, I think it wants you to say meaningful prayers and not just something quick as you are falling asleep. Prayer is a time to talk to your Heavenly Father and tell Him about your day. You can also ask Him questions, tell Him your concerns, and ask for help. As you pray think of how you can make prayer more of a conversation with Him rather than a recited list.
Journal Prompt Ideas

Was it hard to prayer twice a day? Why or why not?

How does faith relate to prayer?

How was your faith strengthens because of prayer?

How can you make your prayers more sincere?
These are just a few ideas to help you through this experience. If you have any other ideas please comment below. I would love to hear them.