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Of course I love all the values but Individual Worth is one of my favourites because it teaches us that weall have infinite worth. We are amazing, wonderful, unique, talented daughters of God. He loves us and we should also love ourselves. With the conflicted messages of the world it is sometimes hard to remember this, that’s one reason why I think this value is so important.
Starting Individual Worth: Something ideas to think about as you complete invidiual worth in personal progress

Here is a quick over view of what you will learn from each value:

Value 1 teaches you are a loved daughter of God who knows and watches over you.

Value 2 teaches about patriarchal blessings and your great worth.

Value 3 teaches you about others’ worth and how to build them up.

Value 4 teaches about your personal mission in life and asks you to write a list and plan of things you want to accomplish.

Value 5 builds your confidence by asking you to participate in “a dance, speech, music, or drama performance….”

Value 6 helps you see others’ worth by completing family history work.

Value 7 helps you see your worth and how much people love you by asking others to write positive notes about you.

Heavenly Father Loves You
He is your Father, you are His daughter, and He loves you. Individual worth will teach you this. It will also teach you He is willing to guide you and help you along your mortal journey. He has not left you alone. He has given you ever tool you need to succeed.

Your Personal Mission

One of those tools is your patriarchal blessing which helps explain your personal mission. In Faith we learn we are all here as part of the Plan of Salvation so we can learn to become like Heavenly Father, but in Individual Worth you learn there is another special plan just for you. There is something Heavenly Father wants you to do on this earth that only you can do. This value will help you realize that and may even give you a glimpse of what that is.

Starting Individual Worth: someth ideas to think about as you comlete this value in personal progress
How to treat yourself well

You are special because you are a daughter of God and because of you personal mission. Just as we should treat others with respect, speak nicely to them, and lift them up, we should do the same for ourselves. Individual Worth will teach you how to do this.

How to treat others well

Individual Worth also helps you to see other’s worth. They are also a child of God who has a special mission unique to them on earth. God loves them just as much as He loves you. 

Different is great

We are all different and there is nothing wrong with that. Heavenly Father gave us each different skills, ideas, and experiences so we could build each other. Your path in life may be different from others you know, but we are still all children of God.

Starting Individual Worth: some ideas tothink about as you start this value in personal progress

The Value Project 

As you work on Individual Worth think of how a project can help you learn more about one of these ideas.

Ask yourself these questions:

what can I do to show others HEavenly Father/I/others love them and they are of worth?

What can I do to show myself I am of worth?

How can I find my special mission?

How can I prepare myself for Heavenly Father’s plan for me?
Some suggestions from page 34 of your Personal Progress booklet are: tutor someone, gather your personal (or an ancestor’s) history into one place (I’ve seen people make some cute binders or books with this project), perform in a play or choir.
You can also keep a self gratitude journal, learn about a new culture, or give service.
Good luck!