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There are many things we can learn from Personal Progress, and one of them is how to love others. These are a few experiences which you can practice this trait: IW #3, GW #3, GW #6, GW #7

How Personal Progress Teaches You to Love Others from Pond's Guide to Personal Progress
You learn God loves everyone
As you complete Personal Progress, you will realise how different each girl is from the next girl.  However, because you learned God loves you, and whats the best for you, you will also learn God loves everyone else and wants the best for them.

Learn of their worth
Through Personal Progress you will learn to see others as the Lord sees them.  You will learn to see them not how they are, but as a child of God: amazing, smart, and filled with the potential to become like Him.

Learn to serve
Personal Progress offers many opportunities to serve.  There is even a whole value dedicated to it: Good Works.  Even in the other values, there are experiences which ask you to serve.

In Individual Worth, you learn to lift and bear others’ burdens.