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There are many blessings which come from Personal Progress, and many things it can teach you. Personal Progress is a special tool to help you realise you are a beautiful daughter of a loving Heavenly Father.

Here are some experiences which help you realise that: IW #4, IW #7, K#2, C&A #6

As you complete Personal Progress, think of these five ways it teaches you to love yourself and appreciate yourself more.

5 Ways Personal Progress Teaches You to Love Yourself from Pond's Guide to Personal Progress

1. You learn to see yourself through spiritual eyes

You are a daughter of Heavenly Father. As you progress through Young Women and gain more experience, you will strengthen your testimony of this truth.

You will learn the Lord’s ways are much different from the world’s ways. Your spiritual eye’s will open and you will no longer see you as the worlds sees you or through your own mortal eyes.

When you see yourself through your spiritual eyes you learn to love yourself because you can see your divine potential. You still acknowledge your weaknesses but they no longer hold you back.

2. You learn Heavenly Father has a Divine Mission For You

Once you open your spiritual eyes you will realise a set of traits and skills which set you apart from any other person you meet. The Lord gave them to you because He sent you to this earth to use those skills to fulfill your unique divine mission.

This divine mission is found when prayerfully sought through the righteous desire of the heart and in the Lord’s own time. Even if you do not know what the Lord has planed for you, knowing you have a mission specifically patterned for you and you alone gives you a sense of self-worth.

The Lord loves you and trust you. He wants you to know this. He wants you to trust yourself.

3. You learn your abilities and weaknesses

As you start to find your mission by studying your skills, you will also find weaknesses. In Personal Progress you will set goals and quickly find what is easy and what is difficult. Perhaps you have no trouble creating your projects but you don’t always follow through and complete them; or maybe it is the other way around.

When you complete each value experience you will find unearthed skills, buried talents, and newly hatched abilities.

The same is true of your weaknesses. You can use your abilities and the Lord’s aid to overcome these weaknesses. As you do so you will strengthen your skills.

4. You will build confidence

Overcoming your weaknesses through the help of the Lord builds confidence. Your weaknesses fade away and leave behind a miraculous arsenal of skills. Also, as you set goals and work on them, your responsibility and maturity will grow.

You know when you complete a goal you can do it again. You often need to get out of your comfort zone to try new things. Once you conquer this fear you will realise you can do much more than you thought you could and your confidence will increase.

5. You learn you can endure to the end

One of the hardest parts of Personal Progress is enduring to the end. Do you remember how excited you felt once you graduated primary and entered Young Women? What was the first value experience you completed, and how did it make you feel?

For many of you this may seem eons ago. With the Lord’s help you can remember these experiences and feelings. Write them down so they are not lost forever.

The Lord will help you through Personal Progress. He is by your side and always watching your progress. You will learn to pray for guidance and endurance. You will learn you can survive through the 10 hour projects and through each value until you receive your Young Women medallion.

Put it all together

When you put all these ideas together, you will see yourself as the Lord sees you.  You will see your mistakes, but you will also see your victories.  You are an amazing and wonderful daughter of God with so much potential.  You can do anything.

Personal Progress helps you see this.  Completing experiences and projects are hard, but you can do it!