Lately, my mind has been on Personal Progress for those with special needs.  On my blog I have lots of ideas for Personal Progress, but non which specifically refer to those with special needs.  I’ve decide it was time to change that.

PP for SN

When this thought first came to my mind, I searched on pinterest and the internet to see what others have done.  Unfortunately there is not a lot.  What I did find was a Personal Progress booklet which was specifically written by the church for special needs individuals.  I was so excited when I found it.  I knew leaders, girls, and their families could adapt Personal Progress when needed, but I never knew there was already an adapted version of Personal Progress.

Here is the link for it.

I’ve looked through it and it contains all eight values and their requirements plus the requirements for the Honour Bee.

Each experience talks about the same topics, but the are designed for anyone with special needs.

Instead of reading the required scriptures, the young women also have the option of listening to them.

In some experiences there is also an option to watch a video from the church, or there is no scripture to read and only a video to watch.

Some times there are also songs to listen to.

Instead of reading the entire “For the Strenth of Youth” it is suggested to read My Gospel Standards.

For some experiences it says to draw or colour a picture.

When they ask the young woman to write in her journal sometimes it is a fill in the blank question or sentence.  For example: My mother, my grandmother, or leader taught me….”

Value Projects

The time requrirement for a value project does not change.  The project should still take at least ten hours, and it should also help reenforce what the young woman learned about the value.

Some of the projects are the same suggested in the Personal Progress booklet, but some are different.

Some suggested projects are:

Faith: Memorize the Young Women theme. Lead the young women in the theme during Young Women
opening exercises on Sunday or at Mutual. To help you remember, make a picture booklet of key words of the theme (optional).
Knowledge: Listen to or read1 Corinthians 3:16. Listen to, sing, or sign along with“The Lord Gave Me a Temple”(Children’s Songbook, 153). Keep your body healthy. Make a chart and keep track of your health habits for two weeks. Include in your chart: Shower or bathe regularly using soap. Wash hands after using the toilet and before eating. Brush teeth after breakfast and before going to bed. Drink a lot of water. Exercise every day. Go to bed at a good hour.
Choice and Accountability:Make a testimony glove for yourself or a Primary friend (see Friend, Oct. 2008, 24–25). With another person, practice saying each of the five parts of a testimony. Write your testimony in a Book of Mormon, and give it to a friend.
For the Virtue project they can listen to or read the Book of Mormon or The Book of Mormon Stories.  The requirement also asks them to watch a video, and write about or draw three individuals who followed the Saviour’s example.  Then there is a fill in the blank journal entry.
So that is what you will find in that version of Personal Progress.  However, this is not the only way you have to do it.
In the section Overview for Parents and Leaders in the Personal Progress booklet it says:
“After careful considerations by parents and leaders, adaptions may be made to meet the needs of young women with disabilities or educational limitations, to meet cultural or individual needs of, or allow young women who are not members to participate.  “
The beauty of personal progress is it is a very personal program.  If the requirements needed to be changed for those with disabilities or special needs, then with the approval of leaders and parents it can be done.
As I said in the beginning of my post, I will post more on this blog for those with special needs.  I will post project ideas and experience help and tips just like I do normally, but geared towards those with special needs.