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Let’s face it, Personal Progress is hard work.  Even if you don’t forget to continue working on it, or you don’t find your schedule is extremely busy, it still takes a large amount of effort to finish the entire program.

Some times it gets discouraging because you can see how far you have to go.  While a solution I found does not make Personal Progress easier, it does provide a source of inspiration, which can excite and motivate you to finish Personal Progress.

What is that solution?  Write a letter to yourself.

Write a letter to yourself to encourage and help you through Personal Progress

This might sound like an odd concept, but writing a letter to yourself can be very beneficial.  Make sure you write it when you are happy and excited about Personal Progress, because you will need that positive energy to write a message to your future less happy self.

Basically this letter is a happy positive message, from you, about the joy and blessing of Personal Progress, and why anyone who reads it should complete the program.  You do not have to show this letter to anyone.  Keep it in a safe spot, and when you need motivation, take it out and read it.

Things to include in your letter(Note: this is just one suggestion.  Do whatever will help you.):

-Why you are planning to complete Personal Progress

-How it will benefit you now and in your future life (benefits may include: how it will bring you closer to the Saviour, make you a stronger woman, teaches you Heavenly Father loves you, prepares you for the temple, prepares you for motherhood, ect)

-Encouraging words to keep you going

-Your testimony of the Saviour, your testimony of Personal Progress, and anything else you might need to motivate yourself.

You could also include:

  • pictures
  • scriptures
  • inspirational quotes
  • Positive Personal Progress experiences you had
  • Personal Progress success stories
  • Positive things friends, family, others have to say about Personal Progress
  • Anything which will help you and motivate you

Make it a Young Women Activity

So that is the basic letter.  I think this would make a great Young Women’s Activity.  The leaders can talk to the girls about the importance of Personal Progress and how it will bless their lives.  They can read what General Authorities have to say about Personal Progress, and bare their own testimony of the program.

Then the girls can discuss why they complete Personal Progress and will continue to complete Personal Progress, and then write their letters.