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About a month ago, I posted an idea inspired from Brother Durrant’s talk in the latest General Conference: ponderize.  I related that to Personal Progress and explained how the girls (or leaders/parents/anyone else working on Personal Progress) could turn they idea into a value project.

Since that time the blog post has been one of the most popular posts on this blog, and continues to be so.  I thought I would write another post about an idea for a ponderizing value project.  This time using General Conference Quotes.

Ponderize General Conference Value Project

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General Conference is not a one time event.  The first presidency and the twelve encourage us to continue to read and reread conference addresses.  The idea of ponderizing can apply to General Conference talks.

If you ponderize long enough, this works as a ten hour value project.

The idea is the same with the scriptures: pick a General Confernece quote, read it, ponder its meaning, apply it to your life, find how it can help you grow closer to Christ, and try to memorize part of it.

Your Project
This project applies to any of the values.  Just pick quotes which relate to the value, and you are one your way.

If you spend an hour a week ponderizing, then you will finish in ten weeks, and you only need to find ten quotes.

Getting Started
If you are unsure where to start, here are a list of General Conference address which relate to each of the values.

Good Reads: Faith

Good Reads: Divine Nature

Good Reads: Individual Worth (coming soon)

Good Reads: Knowledge (coming soon)

Good Reads: Choice and Accountability

Good Reads: Good Work (coming soon)

Good Reads: Integrity  (coming soon)