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To continue on with our discussion about Faith and the Sabbath, the value itself would not be complete without a project.

Faith and the Sabbath: Value Project Ideas

The purpose of value projects is to take all your knowledge and experience from the value and apply it into your own life.  It is more than watching Conference for 10 hours, sewing a baby blanket, or mowing the neighbour’s yard for the summer.  The projects teach you a pattern.  They teach how to study a gospel principle and then make it a part of your life.

Here are some ideas on how to add the topic “Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy” into the suggested faith value projects.


Project #1

“Memorize The Living Christ (see pages 102).  As you do, consider the Savior’s influence in your life and how your faith in Him has increased.  Practice following the Savior’s example.”

As you complete this experience think of the sacrament.  Think of Christ’s sacrifice saved you spiritually and physically.  Think how different Sunday would be if we did not have the sacrament.  Attending church would have a whole other purpose.

As you partake of the sacrament each week, read the sections your are memorizing.

Project #2

“Read Alma 32:28-43.  Think of faith as a seed as you help plant, care for, and harvest a vegetable garden.  Record in your journal how you can nourish, care for, and strengthen your faith.”

Part of keeping the Sabbath day holy includes decide which activities you will participate in and which you will not.  As you grow this garden will you care for it on Sunday, or do consider that labouring?

My personal opinion is it is all about your attitude.  If you feel it is work, don’t work on Sunday.

For me, it is a Personal Progress project which strengthens my faith and brings me closer to Christ.  Those are two things which I think define a worthy Sunday activity.

If you chose to care for your garden on Sunday, ask your family to join you.  Sunday should be a day for the family.  Sing hymns together.  Have your scripture study and pray by the garden.  Read the account of Joseph Smith and explain how they went to outside to pray.

Project #3

“Take a family history class in your ward or branch.  Collect existing stories of your relatives or others who have demonstrated faith, or interview family members or others and record their stories.”

I think family history is a very appropriate Sunday activity.  It is a work which saves souls.

Project #4

“Describe the blessing of faith by writing an original story,poem, or song or by completing a visual arts project that illustrates your faith in Jesus Christ.”

For this experience draw, write, or compose about your faith in the Sabbath.  How has keeping the Sabbath blessed your life?  How has your faith in Jesus Christ grown because you make the Sabbath holy?

What Else?

These are only the suggested value projects and not everyone uses them.

What other faith projects help you keep the Sabbath day holy and remind you to draw closer to our Saviour?

Come back tomorrow to read about Divine Nature and the Sabbath.