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In Knowledge #5 you will learn to about a career in your interest.

There is no specific time allotment for this experience, so it can take as long as you like.

Knowledge #5

There are only two requirements for this experience:

  1. Interview a person about their job.
  2. Write what you learn in your journal.

Your Interests

What areas of work or service are you interested in?
Do you want to learn how to be an interior designer or cake decorator?
Do you want to learn how to coach a soccer team?
Do you want to learn how to direct a movie?

Dream Occupations

Think of the occupations you would like to have.  What do you want to do when you grow up?

Your Current Job

Not every Young Women will have a current job, but those who do can learn more about it and improve themselves in their work.

Do you tutor or teach others something and want to become better at it?
Do you work for a company and want to learn what someone with a higher position does?

Church Calling

Do you have a calling church?  If you are the Mia Maid class president and want to magnify your calling, talk to your Young Women President.

Do you play the piano or conduct music in church?  Find someone who works in music who can teach you how to grow in that area.

Ask Your Family

Do you think one of your parents, uncles, aunts, or grandparents have a fun or interesting job?  Ask them what their responsibilities are.

Interview Questions

What education/training/skills do you need to obtain the job?  And where can you go to learn them?

What are your responsibilities?

How do you contribute to society?

What is your favourite part about the job?

What is your least favourite part about the job?

Do you have to travel a lot?

Are there times when you can work from home?

Why did you go into that field?

What is the most important thing you learned while working in this field?

  Turn it into an activity

Have a career night in Young Women.  Invite members from your ward who have different careers to talk to the girls about what they do.