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In Knowledge #3 you will learn how to use the scriptures to guide your life so you can feel the influence of the Holy Ghost.

This experience could be completed in a day, but it may take longer.  It requires you to memorise the 13th article of faith and then visit and exhibit, museum, or performance.  If you can do all of that in one day, that is great, but if you don’t already have the 13th article of faith memorise, realistically, it should take a couple days to complete.

  There are five parts to completing this experience.

Knowledge #3

  1. Memorise the 13th article of faith
  2. Visit somewhere which involves dance, music, speech, or drama
  3. Evaluate the performance with the 13th article of faith.
  4. Write how you can use the article of faith in your life so you can have the Holy Ghost as your guide
  5. Report your thoughts and ideas with your parent or leader.

1) Memorising

I won’t say it is the hardest part, but most likely the hardest part of this experience is memorising the 13th article of faith.

You might have memorised it before you turned 8 or 12, and if so they you are already closer to finishing this goal.  In that case, reread, or recite the 13th article of faith to your parent, leader, or other adult.  Then check that part off of the experience.

If you have not memorised the 13th article of faith, that is fine.  If memorising is not your strong point,
here are some memorising ideas.

  • Write small sections of the scripture onto flash cards and memorize each. Then try it all at once.
  • Write it down two times, and then say it out loud three times.
  • Write the words down on a piece of paper and then cut the paper out into the individual words, or phrases, like a puzzle. Mix the pieces well and then put them back together.
  • Practice a little everyday
  • Record yourself and listen to the record
  • Recite to an audience

For more help and ideas about memorising, read this post I wrote.

2) Visiting a Performance

There are performances happening all around you.  Here are some ideas:

  • Attend your high school’s, or neighbouring high school’s play
  • Go to your siblings piano/flute/violin/dance recital
  • Watch a debate
  • Watch a speech given by your local town’s/city’s/country’s leader
  • Attend a musical fireside

3) Write Down Your Thoughts

Here are some questions you can ask yourself as you attend the performance, speech, or dance.

  • Is it virtuous? How?
  • Is it lovely?  Where you pleased with what you heard and saw?
  • Is it praiseworthy?  Would you recommend it to a friend?
  • Do you have good things to say about it?
  • Is it honest?

4) The Holy Ghost is Your Guide

In order to have the Holy Ghost as your constant companion, you must be worthy and clean.
How does this article of faith teach you to live in that way?

5) Report to a Parent or Leader

You may not want to, but you can show the adult you report to what you wrote in your journal.

If you report to your parent, it would be wonderful if they attended the performance with you.  Then they know what you saw and heard, and you can both share your ideas and thoughts.

What are other things you did or could
do to complete is experience?

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