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The Knowledge #2 value experience is all about helping you discover and improve your talents.  It may take a couple days or a week to complete, but it is really up to you.

All you need to do to get started is grab a pen and paper, or your Personal Progress journal, your scriptures, and your Personal Progress Booklet.

Knowledge #2

This experience is a three part process. First, you must list the talents you have.  Second, you must list the talents you would like to have.  Third, you must name a talent/skill you would like to develop and then make a plan to learn that skill.

  1. List Your Talents

This experience asks you to make a list of your talents.  This may be an easy task for you.  Even if it isn’t remember: Everyone Has Talents.

Ask Yourself These questions to get started.

What do you enjoy doing?
Do you play a sport or an instrument?
Do you bake, sew, carve wood, sing, dance, swim?

What do people always complement you about?
I’m not talking about “Oh Sarah that is a lovely dress you are wearing.” (Unless you can reply “oh thanks!  I made it.)
Do people complement you on your writing skills?
Do they devour food you made?
Do wish they could run as fast as you?
What advice to they come to you for?

What about the small things?
There are big talents like playing the violin, writing novels, ect.  What small talents or over looked skills do you have?

Can you spit a watermelon seed across a field?
Are you good at untangling electronic cords or other objects?
Can you match colours well?
Do you know exactly what shoes to wear with what outfit?

The Invisible Talents
Many people have visible and tangible talents.  Singing, playing guitar, paddling a canoe, and climbing are just a few of them.

However, that is only the tip of the ice berg when it comes to talents.  Some people are good leaders, some are comforters, and others are good at solving puzzles.

What are the talents you have that cannot necessarily be seen or are not tangible?

Do you make people laugh?
Are you a good listener?
Do you study well?
Are you good at explaining different concepts?

2. List the talents or skills you want to have

What have you always wanted to do? 

What skills or talents do you wish you had?
What have you always wanted to learn?

Listen to Your Parents
Are you parents always saying, “Sally, you should be a little careful when cooking.  You spill the sauce everywhere.”?  Maybe you could work on tidiness.

Do they tell you, “You need to work on…”?

This are invitations for improvement.  Don’t get upset, seize the opportunity.

What Do You Need to Know Before You Leave Home?

There are lots of skills adults need: money management, time management, ect.
What do you want and need to learn before you leave the comfort of your home?
What do your parents think you need to know before leaving home?

Is There an Aspect of Your Life Which Need Improvement?
Do you struggle with studying or note taking or even just paying attention in class? List that you want to improve those struggles.
Do you feel you are the worst cook or painter in the world?  Write that down too.

What Talents/Skills Do You Have That You Wish to Develop Farther?

Are you good a playing soccer but know you can improve?
What are you all ready good at but could be better at?

3. Learn a New Skill to Help You In Your Future Family or Home

How Does It Help You?

By know, hopefully you know what talent/skill you want to work on.
How can it help you in your future family, home, or life?
Does it help you become a better person?  Does it help you become more self reliant?  Is it something which allows you to help others?
Think about it and write down why.

Set a Goal
Now write down your goal.  Don’t just think about it.  Write it down!

Anywhere is fine as long as you remember where to find it.

Now What?

Now you know how to develop your talents!

Even though you finished this experience, that does not mean the application is over.  Through out your life you will find a gap in your knowledge and realise you need to learn a new skill.  This experience helps you learn how to do that.

Turn back to this experience often and continue to develop your skills and talents so you can use the best of your potentials.




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