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One suggested value project idea for Divine Nature (you can of course use it for other values) is memorizing
“The Family: A Proclamation to the World.”

Memorising may not be your forte but give it a try.  There are some wonderful principles taught in this document which are good to have close to your heart.

It talks about the Plan of Salvation and who we are as children of God.  It lists the divine roles of men and fathers, women and mothers.

I created worksheets (shown below) to help you memorize this document in 10 weeks.  If you feel you need more time then lengthen the assignments out as you need.

The method and pattern I use is the same as in the worksheets for The Living Christ I made.  If you have seen those you will already be familiar with how these worksheets are set up.

Memorise The Family a Proclamation to the World Value Project from Pond's Guide to Personal Progress

Here is what a typical week looks like:

Day 1 you will read the weekly section and answer some questions about it.  Hopefully this will get you thinking about the words and their meaning and help you understand what they are trying to teach.

Day 2 you will begin memorizing.  The small section from the beginning, which is maybe five sentences long, is divided again.  Each day you will only need to memorize 1/2 to 2 sentences.  You will write the sentences down twice, say them aloud thrice, and then complete a fill in the blank activity.

Day 3 or 4 you will memorize the next sentence and add it to the sentence you memorized the day before.  Then you will complete a Personal Progress experience which will help you apply the words you memorized into your life.

Days 4,5, and 6 you will continue to memorize and review.

On the last day (sometimes it’s day 5, 6, or, 7) you will write and say all of “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” you memorized so far.  Not every week, but some, you will reflect on your progress.  You will answer questions such as “What motivates you to keep going when it is hard?”  or “How has your testimony grown?”  Then you will make a goal and plan to memorize even better the next week.

Sometimes the Personal Progress experiences you will complete require work for a couple weeks.  In the reflections you will also find questions asking about your progress for those experiences.

This may seem like a lot of work, and it is, but it is worth the effort.  If you break it down it is a simple process with five steps:






If you consistently practice every day, just one sentence a day, and then review, you will finish it in no time.  Remember to pray for help and guidance and Heavenly Father will help you with your struggles.

I was thinking of making flash cards to go along with the worksheets.  Comment below if you think they would be helpful.

Here are the worksheets:

Before You Start

Family Proclamation Week 1

(Work on: Divine Nature #3)

Family Proclamation Week 2

(Work on: Individual Worth #4)

Family Proclamation Week 3

(Work on: Faith #6)

Family Proclamation Week 4

(Work on:Virtue #1)

Family Proclamation Week 5

(Work on: Choice and Accountability #6)

Family Proclamation Week 6

(Work on: Faith #2)

Family Proclamation Week 7

(Work on: Good Works #2)

Family Proclamation Week 8

(Work on: Good Works #5)

Family Proclamation Week 9

(Work on: Individual Worth #3)

Family Proclamation Week 10

(Work on: Integrity #7)

Good luck as you memorise and enjoy.