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Girls’ Camp is a wonderful place for Young Women to grow and strengthen their testimony. For a week they are a way from worldly influence and surrounded only by nature and camp spirit. They learn skill such as tying knots, first aid, pitching a tent, cooking outdoors, and serving.

Each year the young women have certain requirements they complete while at camp. Many of these require and the other activities they participate in relate to different value experiences. If not, there are several more they can use as a Make Your Own Value Experience (MYOVE).  If the girls recognise this they can take advantage of this unique opportunity and mark off camp and personal progress goals side by side.

Personal Progrss and Girls Camp from Pond's Guide to Personal Progress

Here is a list of value experiences I put together they can complete at camp.  Please note: for some of preparation before camp might be required.

Here is a PDF file with all these experience written on it:

Download Here Pond's Guide to Personal Progress

How else do you use Personal Progress while at camp?  Share your experiences in the comments.


  • Individual Worth #5: Help Plan and participate in a skit
  • Individual Worth #7: Complete this activity with your ward, group, or friends while at camp.
  • Knowledge #2: Learn a new skill at camp such as fire building, identify plants, or recycling.
  • Knowledge #6: Memorize two hymns and then conduct them at camp
  • Knowledge #7: Learn first aid and teach it to a group or your family in FHE
  • Choice and Accountability #1: Read your scripture for 15 minutes each day at camp.
  • Choice and Accountability #7: Put camp into your budget.
  • Good Works #2: Help with food while at camp
  • Good Works #3: While at camp make a list of how you can help comfort and bear others burdens. Then do the things you listed.
  • Good Works #4 What did you learn about service while at camp? Teach your family in a FHE after camp.
  • Good Works #6: Serve an other camper or leader while at camp.
  • Good Work #7: Invite a friend or less active girl to camp.

At Camp (Scriptures and Journaling)

  • Divine Nature #1
  • Individual Worth #1
  • Individual Worth #4
  • Choice and Accountability #4
  • Choice and Accountability #6
  • Integrity #2
  • Integrity #3
  • Virtue #1
  • Virtue #2
  • Virtue #3
  • Virtue #4

1st Years

As a requirement for camp you will read Moses 2:1-31 or Genesis 1:1-31 which talks about the creation. You can use this as a MYOVE for Faith, Individual Worth, or Divine Nature. Other value experiences you can include in this reading are Faith #6, Individual Worth #1, and Individual Worth # 4.

2nd Years

As a requirement for camp you will read JSH 1:1-20 which talks about the first vision. You can use this as a MYOVE for Faith.

3rd Years

As a requirement for camp you will read Mosiah 18:-17, which talks about baptismal. You can use this requirement as a MYOVE for Good Works. Another value experience you can include is Good Works #2.

4th Years

As a requirement for camp you will read Matthew 26:36-46, which talks about Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane. You can use this as a MYOVE for Faith. Other value experiences you can include in this reading are Faith #5, Choice & Accountability #4, and Virtue #4.



Before camp write your testimony of Christ and list ways you think camp will strengthen it. While at camp continually strive to build your testimony. Record your progress each day and then write your testimony again while at camp.


Write down all the skills you will learn at camp and then learn them. When you get home review and continue to perfect them. Record in your journal why they are important skill to have.

Choice and Accountability

Raise money for camp and create a budget for camp supplies.

Good Works

Serve as a YCL


  • Divine Nature #3, #5, and #7
  • Individual Worth #3
  • Knowledge #1
  • Choice & Accountability #1, #2, #3, #5, and #7
  • Good Works #1, #3, and #5
  • Integrity #1, and #5
  • You will have lots of chances to teach. Use any value experiences which ask you to teach a lesson.
  • As a YCL you will spend many, many hours giving service. Add up your hours and use it for your Honor Bee or a value project.