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Personal Progress Reminder Jars

Some of the Personal Progress experiences are short and sweet.  You can easily complete them in one sitting or an afternoon.  Then there are other ones which ask you to work on a specific goal for two or three weeks.  There is even one that takes three months to complete!  The girls I know say these goals are harder to pass off because they forget about them.  I often had that problem as well.  Everything is fine on day one but by day four it is hard to remember the original purpose.  Here is one way to keep track of the Personal Progress experience, what you are suppose to do, and for how long.

The idea is to fill a jar with candy, or some other treat, and take one out at the end of each day.  If the goal is to read your scriptures consistently for two weeks, then place fourteen treats into the jar.  After you read your scriptures for the day, take out the treat and eat it.  Since the jar is made of glass you can write on it with a dry erase mark.  You can write the information on the jar for one experience and use it.  Then when you finish you can wipe the writing off and use it again for the next experience.

Here is how you make the jar cute and charming:


  • 1 Empty glass jar with lid
  • 1 Piece of fabric (large enough to cover jar lid)
  • 1 Piece of ribbon (long enough to tie around jar’s neck)
  • 1 Dry-erase marker
  • 1 Hot glue gun
  • Candy/pebbles/dried fruit/other treat (amount varies depending on the experience)

Personal Progress Reminder JarsHow to:

1) Count how many days the goal last.  Then open the jar and place that many pieces of your treat into it.Personal Progress Reminder Jars

2) Hot glue the piece of fabric to the lid.  Then when it is dry, put the lid on the jar.

Personal Progress Reminder JarsPersonal Progress Reminder Jars

3) Tie the ribbon around the jar’s neck

Personal Progress Reminder Jars

4) Use the dry erase marker to write the experience number, goal, and how long the goal lasts onto the front of the jar.  For example the jar below reads “DN #3, make home life better, 2 weeks.”

Personal Progress Reminder Jars

5) Place the jar somewhere you will see it every day and remember to complete your goal.  At the end of each day, if you worked on the goal, take out one of the treats and eat it.

6) If you are working on more than one lengthy goal, then make another jar.

Personal Progress Reminder Jars

7) After you finish the goal wipe the marker off the jar and use it for your next experience.

Some alternatives:

~If you do not wish to eat something every day as a reward you can use something else such as shells or stones.

~Instead of emptying the jar to show your progress, fill it up.  Places shells, beads, stones, or whatever you like in day by day.  When the jar is full you know your goal is complete.

~If there is more for you to do after the goal, put a piece of paper at the bottom of the jar reminding you to report your progress to a leader or share your testimony.  Then add the treats on top.

What are some ways you stay motivated or remind yourself to complete the longer Personal Progress requires?  Share your ideas in the comments.