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Here is a list of General Conference talks and scriptures to help you as you complete Divine Nature.  If you would like me to add anything else to this list please leave a comment below.

Good Reads: Dicine Nature. A list of #ldsconf talks and scriptures about divine nature

General Conference Talks


“Sisterhood: O How We Need Each Other” Bonnie L. Oscarson, April 2014

“Daughters in the Covenant” Henry B. Eyring, October 2014

“Sharing Your Light” Neill F. Marriot, 2014

“The Moral Force of Women,” D. Todd Christofferson, October 2013

“Wide Awake to Our Duties” Carole M. Stephens, October 2012

“What I Hope My Granddaughters (and Grandsons) Understand About Relief Society” Julie B. Beck, October 2011

“Love Her Mother” Elaine S. Dalton, October 2011

“LDS Women are Incredible” Quentin L. Cook, April 2011

“Mothers and Daughters” M. Russell Ballard, April 2010

“Daughters of God” M. Russell Ballard, April 2008

“The Woman in Our Lives” Gordon B. Hinckley, October 2004

“A Woman of Faith” Margaret D. Nadauld, October 2002

“How Can Become the Woman of Whom I Dream?” Gordon B. Hinckley, April 2001

“The Joy of Womanhood” Margaret A. Nadauld , October 2000

“Womanhood: The Highest Place of Honor” James E. Faust, April 2000

“The Sanctity of Womanhood” Richard G. Scott April 2000

“What It Means to Be a Daughter of God” James E. Faust, October 1999

“Are You the Woman I Think You Are?” Sheri L. Dew, October 1997

“To the Women of the Church” Howard W. Hunter, October 1992

“Women of Infinite Worth” Russell N. Nelson, October 1989

“Ten Gifts of the Lord” Gordon B. Hinckley, October 1985

“The Role of Righteous Women” Spenser W. Kimball, October 1979

 Christ Like Attributes:

“Love­–the Essence of the Gospel” Thomas S. Monson, April 2014

“Be Meek and Lowly of Heart” Ulisses Soares, October 2013

“Gratitude in Any Circumstance” Dieter F. Uchtdorf, April 2014

“Charity Never Faileth” Silvia H. Allerd, October 2011

“Continue in Patience” Dieter F. Uchtdorf, April 2010


Psalms 119:165 (See also “And Nothing Shall Offend Them” David A. Bednar, October 2006)

Matthew 5:9

Romans 14:9

2 Corinthians 13:11

1 Nephi 13:37

Mosiah 4:12-13

Mosiah 15:11-17

Mosiah 27:3-7

Alma 24:15-19

Alma 44:1-4

Alma 50:39-40; 51:1-7

3 Nehpi 12:9

4 Nephi 1:15