How to Plan New Beginnings

One opportunity you might have in Young Women is helping plan New Beginnings. This is an event which happens once a year, usually in February or March. Sometimes the leaders let the young women plan it.  This is a wonderful chance for you to learn how to plan events and check off another value project!

What is New Beginnings?

New Beginning is a time to introduce new Beehives and graduating primary girls to the Personal Progress and the Young Women program. Often the Young Women and their leaders teach these girls about the Young Women theme, the Young Women logo, and the eight values. It is also a time to recognise the Young Women’s work in Personal Progress and present them with their ribbons and medallions they worked on.

Pick a theme

The thing which will help you the most in planning your New Beginnings is having a theme. The theme could be anything from Superheroes to a favourite book, as long as you can centre it on Christ and relate the Young Women program to it. When thinking of a theme something which may help is thinking of the Mutual Youth Theme. What is the theme? How can you relate it to the eight values in a fun way? Some Popular themes are the Wizard of Oz, Dr. Seuss, princesses, fashion show, Olympics, taste the rainbow, and carnival.  You can find ideas for these and other themes through out the internet.

Present Your Material

After you find a theme think of how you want to present the Young Women theme, values, and Personal Progress. You can present them through a skit, games, music, large posters, or any other way. You can have an activity for each value. Split the entire group into smaller groups of eight. Have a station with a couple young women running it for each value. Let the young women explain to each group what value their station represents, what they can learn from that value, and how the activity relates to the value.

Plan the Program

After you have a theme and and activity write out the program. Tell the attendees what will happen and it what order. Some questions to ask yourself might be do you want everyone to wear their Sunday best or nice casual clothing? Will there be a special musical number presented by the young women? When will you do what? Will you serve refreshments? Who is speaking?

Other Ideas

Learn a little about each girl coming into Young Women and tell everyone these facts at New Beginnings. Put them on a poster board for the girls to take home or try to have everyone guess the girl.
Send invitations to everyone to tell them about the activity.