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This is the last week of memorizing “The Living Christ.”  Congratulation!  As you memorize this week think back to when you first began.  How did you overcome obstacles and fears when memorizing?  How did it strengthen you testimony of Jesus Christ?  How did you grow spiritually?  Record what worked in your memorizing journey and what did not work.  Then use the advice the next time you memorize something.  To show all your hard work I created a certification of completion, which is the last page of the worksheets.

Memorise The Living Christ Value Project Week 11 with from worksheets from Pond's Guide to Personal Progress

If you use this for a value project sign your name and ask a leader or parent to sign it as well.  There is not a place to officially do this on the certificate but there is room to do it at the bottom of the page.

Here are the worksheets: The Living Christ Week 11