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Marking Your Personal Progress Booklet

The purpose of marking scriptures is to show what you learned so the next time you read the passage you remember. You might highlight, circle, annotate, place sticky notes with quotes, bookmark, underline, or cross reference. The same can be done with your Personal Progress booklet.  Some people like to mark using one colour, others like to use many. There is no one right way. The only rule is do what works for you.  Here is what I did when I was in Young Women.

  • Red-underline what you do
  • Green- highlight length of experiences
  • Blue-highlight scriptures
  • Black-Circle subject
  • Yellow Star- Teaching opportunity
  • Purple (Favourite Colour)- Circle favourite subjects in the subject index (pg. 98-99)
  • Black-Defined what each experience taught and how it related to the value.

Marking Your Personal Progress Booklet

Marking Your Personal Progress Booklet

Marking Your Personal Progress Booklet

You can of course choose your own colours, but that is what was helpful for me. By highlighting the scriptures, subjects, and length I easily found what the experience was about, what I needed to do and how long it took. If I had to teach a lesson in FHE, YW, or give a talk in sacrament meeting I quickly found my gold star, which told me there was a Personal Progress experience I could pass off.

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Helpful Hint: Use key words

When you highlight a whole passage it is as if you never highlighted it at all. Why? Remember, the purpose of marking is to easily find something. If the whole passage is coloured in and you need to find one word, it will be hard to find. Some key words I found to be helpful are journal, write, record, and list. These words let me know I will be doing some writing in the experience.

Learn and read tell me what I will the topic I will learn.

Practice, think, memorize, apply, recite, and evaluate. Let me know there is more to the experience than just reading and writing. It requires me to take action.

Discuss, report, share, and teach let me know what I do after I complete the experience. I know I need to interact with a parent, teacher, or other friends and family members. It also lets me know I need to be prepared to tell others what I did and learned.

Other Ideas:

    • Read through the booklet and highlight the purposes of Personal Progress
  • Highlight what you liked about The First Presidency’s message on page 1.
  • Highlight the promised blessings of Personal Progress in your favourite colour.
  • Write a quote from a modern prophet on the cover page of each value.
  • The page before page 1, page 12, 100, 103-106, and the inside of the covers are all blank. Write what personal progress means to you in one of them.
  • After most of the values there are blank areas. Write down the most important insights you learned about that value. Write down what others have to say about that value.
  • Circle, highlight, or put a star by your favourite scriptures in the scripture index. Mark them in red if they are a scripture mastery. Give yourself two stars if you memorized one. Use the check boxes to show you read them.
  • There are other requirements such as going to sacrament meeting and living proper standards in order to receive your Young Women medallion. Find these requirements and circle them.
  • If two experiences have similar requirements or are about the same subject cross reference them. Example: Write Knowledge #2 next to Individual Worth #7.