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I’m thrilled about these projects and I hope you are too.  It’s not even Thanksgiving yet but it already feels like Christmas.  I thought what fun it would be to work on a Christmas themed value project during December.  Then this idea reminded me of scriptures chains.  There are many people who create an advent with scriptures during the Christmas season. Everyone does it a little differently, but the basic idea is to find a new scripture each day about Christmas.   You write the scripture on a slip of paper and create a paper chain with it.  I thought why couldn’t this be a Personal Progress project?  I combined the two ideas and came up with 8 Christmas themed value projects you can complete in 25 days to count down to Christmas.

Pond's Guide to Personal Progress 25 Days Christmas Value Project

Here they are: 25 Days Christmas Value Projects

How the Projects Work:

Each project takes 25 days to complete.  You start on December 1st and end December 25th.  Each day you will complete an activity, find a scripture about what you learned, share it with someone, and then add it to your scripture chain.  You can discuss the scripture with a parent or friend, or post it on your social media pages. Put the scripture chain somewhere you and your family can see.  (If you have younger siblings, or pets, who like to shred paper put it somewhere they cannot reach.)

In order to reach the ten hour requirement you need to work on it about 20-25 minutes a day.  This includes doing your activity, finding a scripture, sharing the scripture, and then making the chain.   Some days may take longer than others.  It might take you ten minutes to find a scripture the first day but only two minutes the next.  How ever you space your time, make sure you work on the entire project at least 20-25 minutes each day.

To Make the Paper Chain:

  1. Write the scripture down on a piece of paper (about 2×5″)
  2. Curl the papers so the ends meet together.
  3. Glue, tape, or staple it together, so you have a circle.
  4. To add the next chain, slip the paper through the previous chain and repeat steps 2-3.

The paper can be any colour you want.  You can have a red chain, then a blue chain, and then a yellow chain, or they could all be the colour of the value you are working in.  It does not matter, it is your project.

I will be working on the Knowledge project and my sister will work on the Divine Nature project.  I will blog about each during December.  I am excited to start and I hope you join us.  Have Fun!