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Personal Progress helps you draw closer to Christ and grow spiritual, if you let it.

10 Ways to Make Personal Progress More Progressive

1. Write Your Testimony Down Three Times

Write it down now, write it down when you reach your half way mark, and then write it down when you finish.  Keep them together in a safe place.  When you complete Personal Progress read them.  You will be amazed at how much your testimony grew since you first started.

2. Remember Why

The reason we do personal progress is to grow spiritually and prepare for our future lives as covenant women, mothers, wives, and to develop our full potential as daughters of God.  Review what the personal progress booklet has to say.  Ask you leaders, friends, and parents why.  Write it down and keep it somewhere you can find it easily.  When you have a hard time getting through a goal, look at it and remember why.

3. Have a Positive Attitude

This works in all aspects of life, so it will work here too.  If you have a negative attitude about something you don’t want to do, then it will not help you want to do it.  You get out of Personal Progress what you put into it.  Some assignments are hard and require change, but they are changes for the better.  You may think you will never finish it, or finish it on time.  Don’t worry.  Take a deep breath and stay calm.  Tell yourself you can do it and why it is worth doing it.

4. Pray Often

Prayer is how we communicate with Heavenly Father.  If you have questions about Personal Progress you can ask Him.  This is how you build trust and your relationship with Him.  Tell Him about your struggles with the program.  Tell Him about your concerns.  Tell Him about your accomplishments.  Before you start each goal, pray and ask His Spirit to be with you.  Then when you finish the goal, thank Him for what you learned, the experience, and for helping you grow.

5. Make Christ the Centre

Christ was the perfect example of what we should be like.  As you complete the Personal Progress goals you will learn about Him and His teachings.  When you work on you projects or experiences which may not have something of Christ mentioned in it, turn the goal towards Him.  How does the experience make you more like Him?

6. Set Spiritual Goals

What do you want to gain spiritually from Personal Progress?  How are you going to get there?  How much growth do you aspect to see in your self?  Answer these questions and write down goals to obtain them.

7. Don’t Over Do It

Don’t move from experience to experience so quickly that you don’t remember the teachings you learned from them.  Take your time.  Let the Spirit work in your life, and enjoy it.  You should always be working on at least one experience or project, but you can work on more than one.  Don’t work on too many at the same time.  What is your limit?  Three? Four? Seven?  Find this number and make sure you don’t work on more than that many experiences at one time.

9. Keep a Spiritual Journal

Write down every day one thing the Spirit taught you.  Write how Heavenly Father blessed you.  Write how you feel about the sacrament.  In most of the experiences it will ask you to make a journal entry about what you learned.  Take this time to reflect what you gained from the activity and how it strengthened your testimony.  Refer to your journal often so you can remember what the Lord taught you and to see your spiritually growth.

10. Memorize the Scriptures and Missions Statements of Each Value

Each value has a scripture and mission statement.  If you memorize them and always remember them as you work on your goals, you will have a better understanding of the meaning of each value.