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October Young Women Lessons

The October topic for youth lessons  is “Becoming More Christlike.”  Here are some value experiences you could do with each Young Women lesson.  Some of them are suggestions from the Come Follow Me website and some are my own suggestions.  If there is any experience you think could also go along with the lessons then do that as well.  To view the complete lessons click here.

How Can I Become More Christlike?

Divine Nature #5 and #6 (Colossians 3:12-17)

Integrity #5

How Can I develop Christ like Love?

Divine Nature #3 and #6 (John 15:12/1 John 4:21)

Individual Worth #3
Good Works #3, #5, and #6

How Can I Become More Christ like in my service to others?
Any Good Works

How can I learn to be more patient?

Divine Nature #1 and #2

Why is it important to be grateful?

Good Works #1

Create your own value experience for each lesson.