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October Sunday School Lessons

The October topic for youth lessons  is “Becoming More Christlike.”  Here are some value experiences you could do with each Sunday School lesson.  If there is any experience you think could also go along with the lessons then do that as well.  To view the complete lessons click here.

How can I invite other to become more like the Savior?

Divine Nature #6 (Moroni 7:44-48)

Good works #7

How did the Savior compare gospel truths to familiar objects and experiences?

Faith #3 and #6

Knowledge #3, #4, and #7

Good Works #4

How can I use the scriptures to help others become more Christ like?
Choice and Accountability #1

Virtue Project

How can I use questions effectively as I teach?

Faith #3

Knowledge #4

Good Works #4

How can I learn about gospel learning from the Savior’s example?

Any knowledge

Create your own value experiences for each lesson.