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Here are some ideas you can use before, during, and after General Conference to get the most out of your experience.




Understand the need for General Conference: Ask yourself “why do we need prophets?”  “What can Conference do for me?”

Review past Conference addresses: What ways did they ask us to improve?  What did the prophet teach?

Be worthy to hear the Holy Ghost

Write down questions or concerns you have:  They could be about the gospel, school, life, or anything.  Write at least three down on a piece of paper.


Take notes:  See Taking Notes

Pretend The Saviour is speaking to you

Listen for the answers to your questions or concerns


Review notes: After each session review your notes.  Write down any other thoughts you have.

Have a discussion with your parents, friends, leaders, or anyone else.  What were there favourite talks? Why?

Thank the Lord:  During Conference you will find personal revelations and new meanings for your life.  Thank the Lord for what you learned from Conference.

Reread the talks: A few days after Conference the talks will appear on the church website.  You can also find them in the November The Ensign magazine.