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There are many people who take note during General Conference.  I found when I took notes and I was a more active listener and remembered what was said.

There are as many different note taking techniques as there are people. This is because each person listens and writes differently. If you typed “journaling” or “general conference note book” into a search engine, you will see this.

Some people just write, some draw lots and lots of pictures, some make an outline on their computer and then print it out (or use other people’s out lines), and so forth. There is no right or wrong way, just find something that works for you. Find a way so you can go back and read your notes and remember why you put them there.

Taking Notes for General Conference

Here are some ideas for you:

You Can’t Write Everything: You will never be able to write down every sentence word for word.  Write down only what is important.  (What is important is up to you.)

Don’t Cram: Use a different page for each speaker.

Notebooks: Use a notebook so all your pages are in one place.

Categories: On each page write different categories such as:

Ways to improve myself

Ways to improve my family


Answers to questions



Common themes

My thoughts

Things to remember

Doodle what you hear: Notes don’t have to be only words and drawing isn’t just for your four year old brother. Draw a picture around two or three sentences.

Picture Quote: Find one thing they say and use an entire page to make a picture quote.

Boxes: Before hand draw six boxes (or hearts, or clouds, or dresses)  and write something in each one.

Use a Different Coloured Pen: I find when I use a different coloured pencil or pen, such as purple or red (anything besides gray, black, or blue), my mind pays better attention.

Coloured Code Your Notes: You can either use a coloured writing instrument or colour it over with a highlighter. Example-yellow for scripture references, red for things you need to work on, your favourite colour for blessings, blue for doctrine and principles, pink for when they say something you like, ect.

Write the Main Idea: Again you can’t write down everything. Even writing down one sentence word for word is hard. (Try it and you will see what I mean.) Instead listen for the main idea and write that down.

Get Comfortable: Sit, lay down, or stand in a way you are comfortable and can easily write.

Listen to the spirit: This is the most important. General conference is there to teach you. The spirit will tell you what you need to hear if you listen. When you have a pen and paper in your hand you are telling Heavenly Father you are ready to learn, but you need to keep that attitude. If you get too caught up in trying to finish exactly what they say you may not be able to hear the Spirit trying to tell you something else.