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Personal Progress and School

At the beginning of every school year, or semester, I found it helpful to have my personal progress book by my side as I went through my school schedule. Any time I found an opportunity that could be used for personal progress, I quickly wrote it down.

I will warn you; this is called “planning ahead of time” and is acceptable for completing personal progress goals. However there is such a thing as “glancing back” which is not acceptable. If you are in a hurry to finish a certain experience, value, or the whole program you cannot think of something you did a month or two ago, write about it, and call it good. That is not the point of the program and that will not help you grow closer to Christ or whatever goal you counted it towards.

Here are some ideas:


-Use extracurricular classes (dance, art, choir, band, theatre, driving, sports, ect)

-Get better grades in a class or over all

-Use a school projec

-Study for an end of the year test

IW- instruct or tutor someone in an academic subject, music, a sport, or an artistic skill

IW-Direct or participate in a youth choir, a play, a talent show, or an art exhibit

K-Prepare for higher education and obtaining marketable skills by learning about college or trade school entrance requirements, scholarships, and tuition and other expenses. Apply for entrance when appropriate.

K-Read D&C 89. Consider what you can do to be more physically fit. Improve your health by developing and implementing a regular fitness program and learning to cook and eat food that is part of a healthful diet. (Maybe your PE or health class can help with this)

C&A-Under the direction of your parents or leaders, help plan and direct a youth dance or other activity that features appropriate dancing instruction and wholesome music, lighting, and atmosphere. (help with a school dance, prom, end of the year party, class party, ect)


GW#4- Serve a class mate for at least a month

GW#6- Serve someone for at least 3 hours. This could be helping a sibling or friend with homework or understanding something in school.

K#3-go to a school play, visit somewhere on a field trip

IW#5-participate in a dance, speech, music, or dram performance