There are some who believe Personal Progress must be completely separate from the rest of their life. They think there is everyday life and personal progress life; the two should never mix.  Any extra classes I take cannot be used as a personal progress experience or project. Whatever my project is must be something I am not already doing. This is not true.

The Personal Progress booklet says. “You may adapt experiences and projects according to your personal circumstances, interests, and needs with the prior approval of a parent, a Young Women leader, or another adult. Personal Progress can be part of the good things you are doing at home, church, school, seminary, and in the community.”

Every Day Personal Progress from Pond's Guide to Personal Progress

Personal Progress was not designed to be a separate part of life. It is a wonderful way to learn to apply the gospel into all aspects of your daily life.  Often the difference between those who find Personal Progress enjoyable and those who find it burdensome are those who understand this idea and those who do not understand this idea.

How do you find a way to use Personal Progress in your everyday life?  Here are different areas you can use.


Use assignments and classes as projects or experiences.  Try to get better grades or make a special effort to be kind to a teacher or class mate.


What interests do you have? What talents do you want to develop? These can be used as a service opportunity or other experiences and projects.


Set a goal to get better attendance, memorize all the scripture mastery, or learn how to mark your scriptures.

Sunday School

What value experience will your Sunday School lesson relate to? Use the scripture index in the back of your booklet to find scriptures you used in class.

Young Woman

Use the same advise as in Sunday School. Many times the Young Woman lessons will give you a value experience you can work on. What are you doing in Mutual? What experience or project does the activity relate to? Invite a friend to Mutual or church (Good Works #7)

Girls’ Camp

Knowledge #7 is specifically designed for this, but there is more you can do too.As a YCL you can easily complete your Good Works Value Project, or your Honour Bee. Use Knolwedge #2 and learn a skill you need for camp. Do all you can to lift others up for Individual Worth #3.

Youth Conference

Study your Youth Conference theme and decide which value it relates to (there might be more than one). Most Youth Conferences I know of try to do a service project. Good Works #6 asks you to give 3+ hours of service, so that would be perfect.


Ideally every Young Woman class has a class president, two councilors, and a secretary. Give ten hours of service in a calling. Do your best to magnify your calling.

Home Life

Use family activities or family goals as a Personal Progress goal.

General Conference

Watch and take notes during General Conference and the Woman’s Broadcast for a value project.