10 Ways to Stay Motivated in Personal Progress

We all know we are suppose to do Personal Progress but there are some times when it is easier to find the desire to do it than others.  Here are some ideas to keep you going.

    1. Read Scriptures and General Conference Talks

What do some of the General Authorities say about Personal Progress?  Find uplifting quotes and scriptures then put then some where you can see them.  Find a favourite and turn to it when needed.

    2. Go to Young Woman

Going to church and mutual spiritual renews us and encourages us to be better.  It can also inspire you to start a project or experience.

    3. Set Reminders

Put little notes on your phone, calender, wall, locker, door, mirror, or refrigerator reminding you to do a certain value experience.  Ask a parent to remind you.  Put a Personal Progress rock (like a prayer rock) by your bed or under your pillow so you don’t forget.

    4. Take it Step by Step

Remember “By small and simple things are great things brought to pass” (Alma 37:6).  You don’t have to do everything all at once but you should be working on a value experience often.  If you do one a moth or every other month you will not have no problem finishing it before you graduate Young Woman.

    5. Do it on Sunday

Sunday is a day of rest from worldly activities and is a perfect time to work on a value experience.

    6.  Make a Schedule

Tell yourself when you are going to do what experience, put it on a calendar, and stick to it.  Sometimes doing one experience here and another one when you remember to does not help you stay in the Personal Progress mood.  If you make a schedule you are telling yourself you are committed to your goals and you will finish them.

    7.  Set Deadlines

Working under a deadline might make you more stressful but for some people it is helpful.  It can give you structure and something to reach for.  If you are working with a schedule this will insure that you stay on it.

    8. Use Tracking Charts

I personally love track charts.  There is one in the back of the Personal Progress book and I enjoy checking it off every time I complete an experience.  Using a tracking sheet can give you a sense of confidence and lets you know exactly where you are in your goal.  Also use it for those long experiences, like the 2-3 weeks or 3 month ones.  Make a grid of boxes to represent the days, title it with your goal, and check it off at the end of the day.

    9. Think Positively

If you tell yourself you can’t then you never will.  Think of how for you’ve come and review all you’ve accomplished.  Know that you can do it and do it.

    10. Don’t Give Up

Completing Personal Progress is not an impossible task.  It might seem like it at times, but it isn’t.  Keep working on it day and day and don’t give up.