As you work on the value knowledge you will learn what it is, how the Lord teaches us, how to relate scriptures to daily activities, how to learn about areas that interest you, and how to conduct hymns.

Starting Knowledge

Values 1 and 3 talks about the definition and importance of knowledge

Values 2, 5, and 6 allows you to practice what you learned about knowledge

Values 4 and 7 allow you to teach others what you have learned about knowledge.

As you work on the values think of an appropriate project that you can use to apply what you learned in Knowledge. Some suggestions in your Personal Progress booklet are learn a homemaking skill, prepare for higher education, or improve your health. Some I did were, learn to write a script, learn to can, learn to make applesauce, and take a speech class.

The little saying for Knowledge is β€œI will continually seek opportunities for learning and growth.” As you work towards completing knowledge think about how you can find opportunities to learn and grow. Write down where you can find these opportunities and how you can take advantage of them in your journal. How does this saying relate to the different knowledge experiences? How does it relate to your project?

Starting Knowledge: Knowledge scriptureStarting Knowledge: Knowledge motto

Knowledge #1 help and tips for Personal Progress
Knowledge #1 help and tips for Personal Progress
Knowledge #3 help and tips for Personal Progress