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I think most girls know they can create up to two of their own additional value experiences but I know a lot of them do not know how to do that. Yes it is simpler to not make your own experience and just stick with the already made ones, but here is a chance for you to make Personal Progress even more personal. You can take scriptures you have been reading in your daily scripture time, find answers to questions you have had, and incorporate thoughts or ideas from Young Woman class, seminary, or Sunday School.

Make Your Own Value Experience from Pond's Guide to Personal Progress

It’s simple.  All you need to do is pick a value, read a scripture or two, and write about it in your journal.

Here are a couple formulas you can use to create your own value experience. Remember to have a parent, leader, or another adult approve it before you begin.

Journal Entry Experience

  1. Pick a value              (Choice and Accountability)
  2. Add a scripture         (Ecclesiastes 2)
  3. Read the scripture    (Wow that was a good chapter)
  4. Relate it to the value  (The preacher was unhappy when he chose worldly things)
  5. Write what you learned in your journal (True happiness comes from following the Lord)
  6. You Did It!

Discussion Experience

  1. Pick a value     (Integrity)
  2. Pick general conference talk  or two   (“The Cost-and Blessings-of Discipleship” Elder Jeffery R Holland, Apr. 2014 and “The Joyful Burden of Discipleship” Elder Ronald A Rasband, Apr. 2014)
  3. Read the general conference talks    (I love conference talks!)
  4. Discuss it with parents or leaders  (Wow dad I never knew it took so much work to be a disciple of Christ.  May favourite part about Elder Holland’s talk was….  Some questions to ask: What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ?  Why is it some times hard to be a disciple of Christ?   What are ways we can better follow Christ?)
  5. Check off another finished value experience

FHE Lesson/Bear Testimony Experience

  1. Pick a value  (Divine Nature)
  2. Plan a lesson for FHE  (Lesson on family unit.  I will use what I learned from Sunday School and Young Woman.  I even took notes so I have all the scriptures and ideas I need.)
  3. Give the lesson   (I would like to start with a quote by….)
  4. Bear your testimony at the end (I know family unity is something we should strive for because….)
  5. Congratulation!  You did it!

Learn a Skill Experience

  1. Pick a value    (Faith)
  2. Set a goal to learn a skill      (I want to be better at listening to the Holy Ghost when I am in Seminary)
  3. Read scriptures that can help you      (D&C 8:2-4; 2 Nephi 32:2-3)
  4. Work on the goal for a week or two     (or maybe even longer)
  5. Write about you progress in your journal     (When I really try to listen the Holy Ghost can teach me so much.)
  6. Huzzah!  Another experience is done.

You can combine these in any way.  You could have a Journal Entry/Discussion experience, a Learn a Skill/Bear Testimony Experience, and so forth.  Whatever it is make it you.

Here is a couple more thoughts to get you started:

  • Find scriptures or conference talks that complements the value
  • What do you want to accomplish with the experience?
  • Must be under ten hours   (otherwise it is a project)
  • Must be approved by your leaders or parents or another adult
  • Find an interest, add a scripture, turn that interest into a goal, write about it
  • “Adapt the provided experiences to fit your personal interests, goals, or circumstances.”  -Personal Progress Booklet

Making your own experience might sound hard and a little frightening at first but it isn’t.  The reason the option is in the book is because they want you to do it.  Give it a try and see what you come up with.  It could turn out to be your most memorable experience.