10 Personal Progress Tips

Whether you just started or are half way through, here are some tips for working on Personal Progress

1. Read Through Your Personal Progress Booklet Often

If you do this then you will be recognize when an experience opportunity arrives.  You will be able to relate the opportunity to one of the value experiences and have it completed in no time.

2. Make it You  

The reason it is called “Personal Progress” is because it is all about helping you become as much like the Saviour as possible.  Heavenly Father is a personal God who works with individuals.  He wants to spend time with you and you alone while you are on this journey.  Remember no two people do Personal Progress exactly the same.        Find a way to fit personal progress into your daily life and interests.

3. Go At Your Own Pace        

Again this is with the personal part of Personal Progress.  If you need to take all six years of Young Woman to complete it then do it.  If you need to do three experiences in a week and only one the next week, that’s fine too.  We all grow at our own spiritual pace and we all start the program at different spiritual levels.  Pray to the Lord and ask Him what is best for you.

4. Include the Lord

This is the Lord’s divinely inspired program.  In order to use it to its full potential you need to include Him in every aspect of it.  Start and end with a prayer.  Talk to Him about your goals, worries, and accomplishments.  Thank Him when you complete an experience.

5. Include Parents and Leaders

Your parents and leaders are there to help guide you on your journey.  Ask your parents to do a couple experiences with you.  Tell them what you are doing and what you are learning.  Let your leaders know what your goals are and let them know if they can assist you in any way.  If you have questions ask your parents and leaders, they are there to help.

6. Be Consistent

Once you are in the habit of doings something it seems like nothing can stop you, but the same can be said if you have a habit of not doing something.  Pick a schedule and stick to it.  Tell yourself you will do one experience a week or a month.  Mark it on your calender “Personal Progress Day” and remind yourself about it.

7. Reward Yourself

Whether its something small like eating a piece of chocolate after finishing an experience or something bigger like taking a trip to the beach after completing a value, find a way to reward yourself. If you have a difficult time fining an interest or desire to work on Personal Progress this can help.  It can be as simple as hanging a tracking chart on the wall and placing a sticker on it every time you complete one of the goals.

8. Work Together

Find a friend, sibling, leader, or parent who you can do Personal Progress experiences with.  Talk to each other often and ask about each others’ progress.  Encourage each other to do more and become better.

9. Motivate Yourself

Continually look for quotes and scriptures that inspire you to do Personal Progress.  Turn them into a picture quotes and hang it on your wall.  Send them as reminders to yourself on your phone.  What motivates you and why?

10. Remember Why     

I do Personal Progress because I am a daughter of our Heavenly Father and He has provided a way for me to become like Him. Write down why you do Personal Progress  and put it where you can see it often.    

These are just ten of many tips that can help you in your Personal Progress journey.  What tips do you have?  Whenever you think of them write them down in your journal.