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Each value experience should take under ten hours of your time but they can require you to do something for as long as three months.  Some of them are very specific and say “do this for 3 weeks.”

How Long Does Each Value Experience Take? from Pond's Guide to Personal Progress

 Some of the ones that say “1 Day+” could be done in a day while some cannot.   It all depends on your speed.  Some say to prepare and give a lesson or talk, and that could take anywhere from one day to three weeks.

If you are looking for an experience you can do in one sitting right away, these would not be good ones to turn to.  They can be completed in a day but there is some preparation required to them.  By the time you are finished it might really take two days.

The ones that say “1 Day” are ones you can do in one sitting with little to no preparation.  They include reading a scripture, thinking about it, doing a journal entry, and some times a discussion with a parent or leader.

I also included if you need to write in your journal, bare testimony, teach a lesson, discussion what you learned with someone, or report your progress to a leader.

Here is a list of the values and how roughly how long each experience takes.

Value Experience Lengths and Requirements