Welcome! Whether you are just starting your Personal Progress journey, or you are completing it for the second time, I’m sure there is something for you to learn on this website.

Personal Progress is an amazing tool to strengthen your testimony and help you grow closer to God.

The purpose of this website is to:
1) Help girls understand the significance of Personal Progress both spiritually and temporally.
2) Provide confidence and insight to aid them in their Personal Progress journey.
3) Share my experiences and love of the program as well as my testimony of God

The Pesronal Side on Pond's Guide to Personal ProgressThe Progressive Side on Pond's Guide to Personal Progress.
Personal Progress is all about YOU.                   Personal Progress is hard, but not
Find out how to include your interests             impossible. Find ways to progress
into your Personal Progress.                               more and stress less.

Values on Pond's Guide to Personal ProgressEvery Day Personal Progress on Pond's Guide to Personal Progress

There are eight values in Personal                        Personal Progress should be part
Progress. Click here to find project                       of a girl’s every day life. Incorporate
and experiences ideas, tips, and                            activities from school, church,
advice for each one.                                               to complete experiences and projects.